RBN Highlights 12

Rock Band Network insiders recommend their favorite songs from the last few weeks of RBN DLC on Xbox 360.

The Asbestos - "Say"
"Say" is a simple, enjoyable track by Venezuelan alternative rock band The Asbestos. This song's selling points don't lie in challenging charts or shredding solos, but instead in its alluring sound. That's not to say that the charts aren't enjoyable; the guitar and drums have enough variety to keep players interested. Players who primarily use vocals and keys will appreciate this track's mix of musical practicality with active charts. - AskariNari, RBN Community

I love The Asbestos. Ever since playing "Jack and the Harlots" I've wanted more of their tracks to come out, and "Say" definitely didn't disappoint. It's a mellower track, but a very good song and was pretty fun to play. For me, vocals are where Asbestos tracks shine, and "Say" is an excellent example of this. The vocals are just amazing and the song is incredibly fun to sing. They can be pretty challenging at first, which is always good. Overall, a definite buy, and it's only 80 points! - Arcanon, RBN Community

August Burns Red - "Internal Cannon"
I never listened to much of August Burns Red, but after testing this song I had to pick it up. While vocals has nothing challenging, guitar is a mixture of a lot of different styles. Metalcore-type altstrumming, acoustic breaks during both soft AND heavy parts, and a sweet solo. Bass was straightforward, but got pretty funky at times. Drums are way too tough for me, but I'd probably find them fun if I was a bit more skilled. Definitely looked like some complex patterns there. The whole song just flows together really well and stands out, so I'd recommend grabbing this one. - Arcanon, RBN Community

Thomas Walker - "The Entertainer (Joplin)"
This classic ragtime piece has been a favorite of mine for years, and now it can be played on real keys in Rock Band! While I'm terrible at Pro Keys and can't play this on Expert yet, the song is a blast on 5-lane keys and bass (which left hand is authored to) and I hope to one day master this song. - Arcanon, RBN Community

Mystakin - "The End of Progress"
"The End of Progress" is a moody, guitar-driven instrumental track featuring several prominent members of the RBN community. The guitar chart is the obvious highlight here with Mystakin and Bluefusion's Trav trading off some vicious solos. There is plenty of variety throughout: Fun HOPO runs, interesting chord work, fast alt-strumming and even a bit of face-melting. While the guitar is undeniably in the spotlight, the other charts are no slouch and Jeff of Single White Infidel fame lays down a bassline with some really interesting riffs. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

Single White Infidel - "For God or Country"
Apart from playing bass on other people's songs, Single White Infidel also creates his own music. "For God or Country" is an energetic punk-influenced rock song with a really strong vocal performance. The instrument charts are fairly typical punk-rock fare with lots of chord strumming, although they have a strong melodic aspect to them as well. Check it out if you like music with a message or just quality punk rock. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

Dance Gavin Dance - "Heat Seeking Ghost of Sex"
Easily in the top 5 songs from RBN 2.0 for me. The drums are wicked fun all throughout and never disappoint, the guitar stays on the difficult side, but not so difficult to lose that fun factor. Then you get to the bridge and OMG the tapping triplets - the thrill of hitting those just makes your day that much better. Have to tip my hat to the vocals as well, since Johnny Craig's vocals are a BLAST to sing. - zemanator1, RBN Community

Shylo Elliott - "Dark Escape"
As Shylo Elliott releases more tracks on the Rock Band Network, his musical evolution becomes increasingly clear, especially with this track, "Dark Escape." Active instrumentation is balanced with enchanting melodies, resulting in a song that a full band could appreciate; well, except for the singer, that is. - AskariNari, RBN Community

Sleeping with Sirens - "If You Can't Hang"
Seriously. My. Favourite. Song. To. Sing. Ever. Released. EVER. The other instruments aren't bad either - difficult enough to cause some problems, but not so difficult to ruin the fun aspect. Drums keep you on your toes with little fills everywhere, and I have to give a mention to the roll of 16th rim hits at the end. Guitar and bass keep you entertained throughout by never getting boring. I recommend this to every vocalist out there; you will have fun singing it. - zemanator1, RBN Community

Freen in Green - "Grocery Party"
Freen In Green's penchant for the unusual shows up again in this 'bonus track'. Just because your song is about having a party in a grocery store doesn't mean you can't find room for a sweet guitar solo. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

IDLEMINE - "Wicked N' Wild"
Just as good as their other song UNTIL the crazy tom part in the middle starts on drums - then it's even more awesome. I think that there should be a Rap/Rock section just for these guys because they really do rock. - NoThru22, RBN Community


no BTBAM? That song is NEAT.