RBN Highlights 14

We like songs that rock (and rocking out with them on Rock Band) even after a fifth plate of pie. If you feel the same way, consider playing some of these great community-recommended songs on Thursday (or any other time when you've had five plates of pie!)

Ra Ra Riot - "Can You Tell"
I've been a fan of Ra Ra Riot for quite some time, after my band The Main Drag opened for them at The Middle East in Boston in 2006. (We even shared a drum set! They were really nice!) The ramp up from quiet orchestral pop to full on dance party in "Can You Tell" is just what Rock Band is about – a song with great interplay that slowly lulls you into co-op band awesomeness, before devolving into a head bobbing dance party.

I saw the band 2 weeks ago at a much bigger venue (The Paradise) and the show was PACKED. Rowdier show-goers even started stage diving and moshing to this indie-chamber pop group. But it was so full of energy that it didn't seem misplaced. So, in short – Ra Ra Riot are awesome folk with fun happy music. Go buy this track now. - HMXJohnD, Director of Communications and Brand Management

I haven't worked out where I heard this one before. It has such a surprisingly earworm chorus, backed up with a lush degree of production (that also translates to some nice keys work) that the entire track feels familiar and comforting. There's a fair bit of motion on the instruments to keep yourself busy; not a great challenge but I wouldn't feel bad if you miss the FC from being just so mellowed out. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

Richard Campbell - "Frankenstein Teaser Trailer"
Grand, sweeping, theatrical, a little bit spooky and a lot of fun. This is a medley of tunes based on Richard Campbell's upcoming "Frankenstein" rock opera, and the epic rock opera feel definitely shows. The song is driven by the powerful, melodic and majestic piano track, which throws in a lot of variety: large chord sections, fast riffs and slow melodic lines. Drums are as exciting as you would expect from Richard Campbell, with fills all over the place and plenty of challenging stuff, although always enjoyable to play. At 80 points you can hardly justify not buying this track if you play keys or drums. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

Rainbowdragoneyes - "Heavy Weather - The Storm ov The Undead"
Say hello to RBN2.0's first all-instrument, fully devil-tiered song. If you liked "Creatures ov Deception" then get ready for more of the same, only this time the drums have been ramped up from 'extremely difficult' to 'break your arms' and there is an equally insurmountable keyboard chart. Outside of the near-impossible main riff, the pro keys are actually perfectly playable and a lot of fun, featuring mostly high-tempo melodic single-note lines. The guitar is similarly a lot of fun, although watch out for the solo which requires pinpoint accuracy at high speed and has a very difficult tapping section. Bass is fairly typical but nicely varied fast alt-strumming stuff, although it features a few very loud and sudden trills which may catch you by surprise. Personally though, I think my favourite instrument to play on this song is vocals. It can be difficult to define exactly what makes a fun vocal chart but whatever it is, this song has it in spades. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

The Asbestos - "Cross and Crows"
This is complete Black Parade-era My Chemical Romance-style, from the grandiose sound to the pop-punk instrumentation to the marching, swinging triplet feel. I hesitate to call it a rip-off, since it does offer its own sound (partly due to the band not being native English speakers, which really changes the lyrical flow), but it definitely knows and plays up all the same tropes. If you have and enjoy "Welcome to the Black Parade", you should have and enjoy this. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

Atheist - "Faux King Christ"
Name and subject matter be damned (yes that was intentional), this is an interesting song. It's very sloppy, yet very controlled. Even if you're used to ridiculous challenges (and this has them in spades) you'll still be flailing about randomly because the notes are flailing about randomly, and yet it all comes back to solid footing right away. They do know what they're doing. This track isn't just shock value, it offers a unique type and degree of challenge. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

Mystakin - "The Consequences"
This song has seven solos across three instruments. Seven solos. I'm not even going to write more, that's all you need to know. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community


HMXJohnD, stop recommending songs and get your own stuff on RBN 2.0!!!