RBN Highlights 15

What makes a song fun in Rock Band? This batch of community-recommended RBN songs includes an infectious punk rock song (good stuff), a finger-bleeding instrumental on guitar (of course), and four pop songs (what?) - but, as the contributors are quick to note, it's pop that rocks. If you're out for a challenge beyond seething metal, take a look.

Teenage Bottlerocket - "Bigger than Kiss"
Not only is this one of the finest punk rock diss tracks you’re likely to hear, it’s also backed by one of the coolest music videos I’ve seen in ages. Solid poppy punk in the same vein as The Ramones, The Queers and Screeching Weasel, this song delivers an infectious chorus, spot on brevity and plenty of chuckles. By god, what more do you need in a punk song? I don’t know which author got Teenage Bottlerocket in RBN, but you all owe them a beer. (Ed. note - ThatAuthoringGroup is the author on this track.) - HMXHenry, Manager of Community Development

Lino Gonzalez - "Traffic Jam"
This instrumental track is a guitarist's dream. The sound is very reminiscent of "rock virtuosos" like Paul Gilbert, but just a little bit toned down. While most instrumental, guitar-driven virtuoso tracks tend to be face-melting, finger-bleedingly (is that a word?) fast and complex, Traffic Jam manages to fall on the far side of "challenging" without ever becoming overly ridiculous. 90% of the song plays like a great tier-5 guitar solo, with a couple breaks here and there, and a couple really fast passages that (rightfully) bump it up to devil tier. The song challenges throughout, but the patterns are never awkward and the speeds are rarely excessive. Then of course, with all the soloing it never gets repetitive. This is simply a fantastic guitar part. The other instruments aren't slouches either. No keys or vocals, but bass has fun, hopo-filled patterns throughout the song, and while the main drumbeat is fairly repetitive, there is a variety of fills and rolls to keep you entertained. If you're a guitarist, you should definitely pick this up. - machetemonkey, RBN Community

Rocket Ship Resort - "Starlight Speedway"
It's not often I want to recommend a pop song, but this one is far too fun to leave alone. Between the dangerously catchy chorus, delightful lyrics, and energetic electronic instrumentation, I end up with a big smile on my face every time I play it. The song can be very difficult, but once you get in the swing of things it becomes a crazy fast ride that will truly make you feel like you are flying through the stars. - Xenigma, RBN Community

Was told by another community member to check out the awesome venue. Loved the venue, didn't think much of the song. Went to work that evening, and was singing the chorus over and over in my head for 8 hours. Got home, listened to the song some more. Three days later, the song is STILL STUCK IN MY HEAD, IT WON'T LEAVE, IT'S SO CATCHY, IT'S SO FUN. True story. Just, everything about it makes you happy. you CANNOT listen to it and not be smiling when its over, it's just that happy. Everyone should pick this up, you will not be disappointed. - zemanator1, RBN Community

The Irresponsibles - "Break Me"
The Irresponsibles - "Pretty Boy"

Some music lends itself, through subtle nuances of composition and instrumentation, to very specific definition, categories and subgenres. Some music just wants to grab a guitar and rock the hell out. This is the latter. The Irresponsibles mix an aggressive, abrasive sound with superb songwriting and excellent vocal harmonies to create what can only be described as "rock." High-octane, ballsy, in-your-face rock. The guitar and bass charts are energetic with burst of quick strumming mixed up with a lot of chord movements and some tasty solos. The drums are very active as well, moving between toms and cymbals a lot while giving you a good leg workout at the same time. The vocals are surprisingly melodic, with the aformentioned harmonies being put to great use in the earworm choruses. Next time somebody says "It's called ROCK Band, not { Pop / Country / Metal / Hip-hop } Band.", point them in the direction of this band. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

A Talking Fish - "Cheesy Pop Song"
This song tries to parody pop songs but ends up with a lot more variety than you'd typically find in a pop song. Starts off as a cheesy piano ballad and somewhere in the middle it briefly turns into a growling metalcore song. Oh, and there's banjo somewhere in there too. The verses are comically bipolar duets, and the choruses are ear-pleasing autotuned harmonies. Really fun all around no matter what you're playing. - DLCQuickplay, RBN Community

So when you pick this up, the first thing you're gonna notice is that it is indeed a cheesy pop song. But as you're playing, you'll notice that's it's also fun, humorous, and surprisingly brutal. Every instrument is a hellova lot of fun. I recommend to anyone that enjoys fun charts. And sudden metal breakdowns in your pop songs. - GigakoopsRBN, RBN Community

BioShaft - "The Man's Masterpiece"
BioShaft has a slightly grungy, yet polished sound that wouldn't sound out of place on your local alternative rock radio station (but in a good way!). "The Man's Masterpiece" has what could be considered the most prominent bass solo in Rock Band, as it pretty much gets the sole spotlight for a full 45 seconds. The guitar isn't a slouch either, with riffs that includes plenty of HO/PO sliding and a zig-zaggy guitar solo. The vocals are really accessible and catchy, and the spooky paranoia-inducing keyboard adds a lot of unique atmosphere. - DLC Quickplay, RBN Community