RBN Highlights 16

From classic Rockabilly sound to songs about video games, this edition of RBN Highlights covers a wide spread of what the Rock Band Network has to offer.

Jerry Naylor - "Real Wild Child"
Anyone who knows what rockabilly knows what to expect from the Jerry Naylor songs, and anyone who doesn't know what rockabilly is will immediately recognize the style of music anyway. As expected, guitar is the absolute standout part in this track, combining complex and challenging chord patterns with blazing solos full of really fun HOPOs. Keys are not to be underestimated though, as they tie the song together really nicely and present a challenge while not being cruelly unattainable. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

Machinae Supremacy - "Indiscriminate Murder is Counter-Productive"
Machinae Supremacy are set to tap into two of RBN's most lucrative niches - metal and chiptune, previously proven a successful combination by Rainbowdragoneyes. "Indiscriminate Murder" is an upbeat track, bordering on hyperactive, with a really cool swing rhythm and fun charts all around. The guitar and drums are both lots of fun but the vocals are the highlight. This is also a devil-tiered vocal chart, which you don't often see, but this song definitely warrants the distinction. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

Jaron and the Long Road to Love - "Pray For You"
If you're not familiar with Southerner English, "bless your heart" is a sort of polite dismissive phrase. It's a diplomatic way of giving someone the finger. "Pray For You" is not diplomatic. It sounds at first like it should be a typical, all-is-well, Christian country ballad, until the chorus brings in some decidedly un-Christian sentiment. Ignore the lyrics and you still have a solid track - not too challenging, but a good representation of the genre and a good addition to the country catalog. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

The Break Down - "Touch the Mic"
You don't normally expect hip-hop tracks to have hugely interesting instrumentation but this track is overflowing with just that. It really caught me by surprise. The drums are the immediately obvious highlight as they involve complex ghost snares and off-beat timekeepers throughout most of the song, all played with an incredibly funky swing rhythm. The keys are somewhat deceptive since they start out simple, mirroring the guitar and bass riffs, but as the song progresses they become more and more active, eventually playing non-stop jazzy chords and licks all over the place. The vocals are mostly talkies, which is to be expected, although the harmony part provides a nice pitched backing line and the talkies themselves are quite fun in their own way. The bass chart is funky as you like but quite grounded, which allows the guitar and keys to fly off and solo their hearts out. This song comes highly recommended on all instruments, but especially drums and keys. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

Mike Kotulka - "Love's the Profit"
Don't let the common "Rock" genre fool you; this is a fairly unique piece in the Network. It's a pretty bluesy tune that is lead by its catchy and quick vocal delivery which is almost nonstop, just giving you a little break to catch your breath during a short guitar solo. I think those vocals are the standout part of this song. While not all too challenging once I had the lyrics and rhythm down, I felt awesome singing it because of the pace and message (especially if you happen to insert the missing swear word in yourself). Plus, it's only going to set you back $1, so it's definitely a strong contender if you've got 80 Microsoft Points left over after your next spending spree! - MarsPhoenix, RBN community

Those Among Us - "The Final Hour"
Over the last year or so, I have discovered an appreciation for new wave music, mostly thanks to Rock Band 3 and RBN. Despite being released in 2011, "The Final Hour" features all the spacey soundscapes and catchy vocal hooks of anything written in the '80s, not to mention a guitar solo reminiscent of a certain other kind of '80s music... - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

Nordheim - "Beer, Metal, Trolls, and Vomit!"
With that title, there is nothing else this song could be other than aggressive, hyperspeed power metal. Heavy guitars, fast drumming, nautical keys, and drunken shouting. A song so manly it has a beard. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

Bright Midnight - "Don't Eye Me Like a Child"
If you're a drummer, just about any Bright Midnight track is a good addition to your catalog, since you get jazzy and exciting patterns that never fall the same way twice. But no matter what you play, this song doesn't disappoint- even the fairly simple keys part has enough variety going to keep interest. It's always great to see songs that don't just copy-paste themselves. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

Psychostick - "BEER!!"
Remember when this song hit YouTube, and it was the greatest thing ever? Now it's hit Rock Band. Is it the greatest thing ever? No, but it's right up there. With the greatest lyrical line ever written ("They say beer will make me dumb/It are go good with pizza"), how could you pass this up. - GigakoopsRBN, RBNCommunity

DROUX - "Console War"
From a not-so-obscure internet gaming sketch series comes this beast of a song about the history of video games. And boy, is it awesome! If you want to know what impossible is, this is it. With insanely fast strumming patterns and intense solos throughout on guitar, insanely fast bass pedal on drums, and octave shifts from deep to extreme falsetto on vocals, this should keep challenge junkies like me on their toes for a while. Also, did I mention VIDEO GAMES! - GigakoopsRBN, RBNCommunity

Miracle of Sound - "Gordon Freeman Saved My Life"
This song, while also about video games, is fun and not that hard. I know it lacks the amazing challenge of "Console War," but instead we get a fun little song about being saved by one of video gaming's best silent protagonists. Seriously, it's just fun for the purpose of being fun. Don't miss out. - GigakoopsRBN, RBNCommunity

Bankai - "The Epic, Part 3.7 (RBN Remix)"
This song is fun in every sense of the word. Fun to dance to, fun to play, fun to sing, hell, it's just fun. Check it out if you're into dance music, trill lanes, and fun synth patterns. - GigakoopsRBN, RBNCommunity