RBN Highlights 18

The RBN Community recommends some of their favorite recent releases, including a French song about collecting ducks, a country song, and much more.

Ultra Vomit - "Je Collectionne des Canards (Vivants)"
France has produced some fine things. Excellent wine, fashionable berets, Pepé le Pew, and now Ultra Vomit. These rockers who don't know the meaning of the word "surrender" return to Rock Band with a song about their obsession with ducks., really. Loosely translated, the song's title means "I collect live ducks." The words during the verses come by pretty fast, so you may have just as tough a time finding the right pitch as pronouncing it correctly in French. Guitar and bass are your typical punk fare, which usually means occasionally speedy with nothing too challenging. Drums are also your typical punk fare, which usually means eat your Wheaties, as there's some fast rolls and kicks sure to please the most hardcore of players. And what song about a man's love for ducks would be complete without a choir of quacking? If that doesn't sell you, I don't know what will. - HauntingYourKids, RBN Community

Richard Snow - "Lonesome Cowboy"
I kind of started a little argument on how best to describe this song, so I'll just put it like this- for a song called "Lonesome Cowboy" you're getting about as much country as you'd expect, but you're also getting much more. There's mellow choruses, rocking build-ups, and some fast-pickin' guitar. A good example of being all over the place while still working together perfectly. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

Blame Ringo - "Garble Arch"
This is one of those songs that harmonies were made for. The instrument parts give you a nice folk-ish backing that can be a bit tricky on guitar, but this song is best played with friends on the mics. There's plenty of room to harmonize and play off each other, and all in a song that you'll actually want to listen to enough times that you learn it. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

Blame Ringo - "In A Hurricane"
The moment you hear the jangly guitar riff that is the centerpiece of this upbeat pop-rock track you'll be hooked. The guitar chart is a very interesting combination of chords, single note strums and HOPOs that will keep you on your toes throughout most of the song and also features a fun little solo. The vocals are a brilliantly catchy and a blast to sing, not just in the chorus but the verses and bridge sections as well. The song is rounded off by a jumpy and energetic bass track and drums which are simple enough to get into but change things up often enough to stay engaging. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

MC Lars feat. MC Bat Commander and Suburban Legends - "This Gigantic Robot Kills"
Flipping between a quick mellow groove and a strong overdriven chorus, "This Gigantic Robot Kills" is a blast to play, particularly on keys, which takes on the upbeat ska horns that the song rides on. Even the simple drum part will not fail to keep you entertained. MC Lars, MC Bat Commander, and Suburban Legends have put together an awesome ska track that I recommend checking out. - TriumphantBass, RBN Community

Leche de Tigre - "Desconocido"
I am of the opinion that Rodrigo y Gabriela's "Buster Voodoo" is one the most exciting and fun songs in the game, and the only thing it's really missing is a full ensemble. Enter "Desconocido" which can accurately be described as Rodrigo y Gabriela with a full band, and praise doesn't come much higher than that. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

Maríafer - "Por Nada"
Spanish pop (well, Venezuelan in this case) always seems to have some quality to it that makes it irresistibly catchy and memorable to me, even though I don't speak a word of the language. "Por Nada" follows in the footsteps of Rock Band 3 disc songs "Me Enamora" and "Oye Mi Amor" by having a complete earworm chorus to pull you, but also an unexpectedly deep level of musicianship which keeps you interested after multiple listenings. While the vocals are undoubtedly the star of the show, all of the instruments offer simple but lively charts which will keep you well occupied, particularly the guitar which features two sections of long and complex HOPO chains. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community


To my mind, a french rock group who deserve to be on RB3 is Lezarsonic. This is the spirit of the french rock. Listen to "le rouleau compresseur", "le meutrier", "la légereté" on deezer or itunes. Watch them on or on musicme