RBN Highlights 2

"Doll in the Dust" - Kurodust

This is a hard rock song about the horrors of child abuse. Kurodust isn't playing around with the topic or taking it lightly - like Pat Benatar's "Hell is for Children", this is a song to inspire tears or rage. It's bluesy and harsh and sad and beautiful, with high polish and a good guitar solo, and I recommend it highly. On a side note, Kurodust's full album Containment Failure is available as a free download from their website. - HMXLachesis, RBN Associate Producer

"Beat Fly" - Tiny Danza

In a world of Tiny Dancer and Tony Danza parody names, Tiny Danza is easily the funkiest. Despite the mellow intro, the meat of the song has a really funky bassline and rapid-fire rapping. At the same time, it avoids anything that would make hip-hop boring to play; there's singing, every instrument mixes it up constantly, there's even a guitar solo and disco beat to make things more challenging. It's a very welcome surprise in the library. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

"Self Medicate" - Felsen

If I wasn't obliged to [play this song in peer review] because of a trade, I probably wouldn't have stumbled across this great indie band, and now I'm glad that I did because I am loving Felsen's music now. Take some R.E.M. , mix it with some really early Green Day, I mean like pre-Dookie era early, and a tad of Grateful Dead for good measure, and you'll probably end up with something like this. Don't take my word for it, go give it a listen. You will not be disappointed. - TriumphantBass, RBN Community

"Hangman" - Drugstore Fanatics

I don't know where this band came from, but this is one of the many reasons I thank my lucky stars for the Rock Band Network for introducing me to such awesome artists.

They've got a sound like early Gravity Kills, and this song was a real treat and a surprise to discover. - ThatAuthoringGroup, RBN Community

"Stay Alive" - Rivethead

Another from out of nowhere band that I'm now a fan of because of the good ol' RBN. They've got an early Disturbed sound going on, and this is probably the stronger of the two songs available on the Network. Chunky guitar work, and a meaty sound. . . now I'm gettin' hungry. . . never mind all that, just pick up this track. You won't be disappointed. - ThatAuthoringGroup, RBN Community

"Passing Bells" - Amberian Dawn

Alright, I admit. . . there's no such thing as a bad Amberian Dawn song in my world. But from the first bells and the kettle drums, this song has a wild exoticism that captured my attention. The harmonies are fantastic, and the bassline is well-crafted, intriguing, and critical to the song. (Warning: extremely catchy. I've been humming "Passing bells, call for me. . . " for days. ) - HMXLachesis, RBN Associate Producer

"Dawn of the Condoms" - Ultra Saturday

Ultra Saturday songs have consistently been among the most fun pop punk songs (a genre typically full of energy but fairly lackluster charts), and "Dawn of the Condoms" makes great use of the new RBN2.0 features: harmonies, full keys (including an absolutely INSANE keys solo), and even a bass solo at the very end. - machetemonkey, RBN Community

Anyone running a Rock Band party needs at least one song name that makes people blink and ask, "Does that say what I think it does?" This is a great candidate for the role. Not only is this educational paean to safe sex really catchy, but it features that rarest of beasts, a ridiculous bass solo by highly skilled bassist Donald Gehres. (Ridiculous funny, not ridiculous difficult. ) - HMXLachesis, RBN Associate Producer

Ultra Saturday make their RBN2.0 debut in style with their usual energetic and catchy pop-punk, and making good use of the new features - harmonies and keys. Fun and varied charts for all instruments compliment the entertaining lyrics and infectious sing-along chorus. There are also solos for guitar and keyboard, and even the bassist manages to get one in, whether the other band members like it or not! - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

How could anyone read that song title and NOT expect a fun song? Think the title's too risque? Think again - it's safer than swallowing children! - DavyinaToga, RBN Community


Needs more "the devil wears prada" asap!!!!

Needs less Amberian Dawn... in general. Or maybe just teach their lead singer to stop ruining a perfectly good metal song with her opera

needz moar The Break Down RBN2

Needs more "Dawn of the Condoms" recommendations.