RBN Highlights 20

Check out this list of the latest recommendations from the RBN Community, including ska, prog, classic rock, and more!

Less Than Jake - "Younger Lungs"
This band. They've been anticipated, quite hotly, I believe, for a long time. It wasn't a matter of if, it was a matter of when the seminal ska punkers were gonna make it to Rock Band. So thank you, RockGamer, for coming through on this one! There's not a lot of ska going on in Younger Lungs, but bassists won't be able to tell as Roger still plays his usual active grooves throughout. It's also got one terrific chorus that will get stuck in your head immediately. While it may be unlikely that we ever get any of their back catalog, we're all fortunate that LTJ are still capable of churning out great music. - weffjebster, RBN Community

Eden's Curse ft. James LaBrie - "No Holy Man"
This isn't a Dream Theater song. But, for all intents and purposes, it's a Dream Theater song. Lead vocals are even the same person, and the keys are the expected progressive lunacy. Fortunately the rest of the instruments are relatively sane, with a good amount of diversity and difficulty - it's not like they're a walk in the park. It's something of a power metal interpretation of Dream Theater, a statement I don't need to expand upon because you're already checking it out aren't you? - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

The Buffalo Joe Band - "Our Time"
Yes, you can still make classic rock in the late 90s. Especially when you've been at it since the 70s and haven't really modernized. Which is a good thing for The Buffalo Joe Band; their jam-like guitar tone, pervasive harmonies, and great subtleties in the rhythm section mean they don't sound like they're angling for nostalgia. These guys are real classic rockers. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

Mystakin - "Heroism"
What could possibly be more prog than releasing your song trilogy in reverse order? Not much. Mystakin's quest to show off how good he is at guitar comes to a head with the leadoff track from the End of Progress EP, Heroism, a very Mega Man-esque guitar and keys shredfest that might also be his most melodically pleasing song to date. Beware, though: the last couple measures of the solo are like when you are opening a bag of Skittles but you accidentally open it too vigorously and then they fly out all over the place and you freak out and that causes your mom to freak out so she wrecks her minivan and the airbags deploy and then you fail the song. (And for what it's worth, the End of Progress concept actually works in reverse order, too.) - weffjebster, RBN Community

Bluefusion - "Force"
People who know and love Bluefusion's other songs in the Rock Band Network are not going to be surprised -- this song's got a lot of tension and aggression that builds up to its three guitar solos, two of which are absolute signature Bluefusion. This one was actually a fan favorite song and among the band's die-hards it was quite anticipated, so here you go! Limber up your phalanges! - weffjebster, RBN Community

If you're looking for noise and chaos, SNMT is pretty much where you're gonna go for it. The experimental duo have already released some strange music into the RBN, and this one is equally head-scratching, but simultaneously there's something composed coming out of the madness here. It is, at the very least, an interesting way to get into a shouting match about SEX! with your best friends, and at most a pretty drastic change of pace between Bon Jovi and Queen in your next party set list. - weffjebster, RBN Community