RBN Highlights 22

The Rock Band Network Community recommends some of their favorite recent tracks.

Scratching the Itch – “Fight The Rain”

Having heard the earlier Scratching the Itch songs on RBN, I thought they were pretty cool but never got around to picking any of them up. Now we have a new one, and not only would I say it's the best one yet but it also features keys and harmonies! While all of the instruments have some cool stuff going on, the standout track is definitely the vocals, especially if you can get three singers together to play that epic chorus. If you like this you should definitely have a look at the other songs they have on offer as well. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

One of the early stars of the RBN Megamix with "The End of This", Scratching the Itch became a sort of community cult hit. This song is off of the latest album from STI, and the extra songwriting and production polish shows. It's '80s without being ironic about it. It's grandiose, and it's catchy. Get "Fight the Rain" if you feel like reliving (or pretending to relive) those wonderful days of moody, shoe-gazing new wave. - weffjebster

brentalfloss – “This is the Album You’ve Been Waiting For”
brentalfloss lies. I wasn't waiting for this album. I wasn't even aware it was coming. But it did arrive, and this leads it off, and it does that job well. It starts off with mellow piano and his distinct, stuttering vocal style before releasing into a British glam-rock jam. We're talking Queen, Elton John, that kind of thing, with crazy keys to match. The only thing missing is some over-the-top campy harmonies to get everyone involved, but even without you've got a new favorite party starter here. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

Wolfcrusher – “Skeletonizer”
Yet again we have a band/song name combination that could not be more metal. But rather than being very deep into one kind of metal, this track actually explores a lot of different types - there's a fair bit of death to it, yet there's higher melodies and not too much ridiculous drumming (just enough to warrant a double bass edition). There's even clean guitars and pitched vocals! And fast, thrash-like sections! I always appreciate metal tracks that are willing to be a sort of blender, instead of going off the deep end in one direction, since the result is usually a much more interesting track to play. - FairwoodStudios, RBN Community

Jeremy Manjorin – “Skinny Seventeen”
Blues-rock is always ridiculous amounts of fun to play in Rock Band, particularly on guitar and this track is no exception. A nice variety of chord and lead work, harmonica charted to keys, and a really cool vocal performance mean that there's a lot on offer here, a bargain at 80 points. - Oscarvarium, RBN Community