RBN Highlights 3

Over the last two weeks, we've released 22 songs onto the Rock Band Network. Find out which ones the RBN community most recommends in our biweekly RBN Highlights series, with picks ranging from one of the best songs on keys in all of Rock Band to the haunting return of The Cold Goodnight to a nine-minute-long prog epic.

Jukebox the Ghost - "Schizophrenia"
This pell-mell tumble across the keys translates very well into Rock Band gameplay - in fact, I'd say this one of the best keyboard songs in Rock Band right now. It's so musically upbeat that you'll find yourself grinning as you play, though the lyrics are quite dark ("I got scared and they appeared / Out of thin air / They knew my name / They screamed and screamed....") Your bassist will spend the first half of the song asleep, but everyone else will have a great time. - HMXLachesis, RBN Associate Producer

I don't know what it is about this bouncy Modest Mouse-esque ode to one man's encounters with a mental disorder that makes it so catchy. There's something in it that really livens up the song. And that something, as one YouTube video describes, is "dat keys." This song should be high on the wish list of any keys player, right up there with Billy Joel. All instruments are fun, so don't pass it up if you're not a keys player (unless you're a bassist; then you might want to pick it up to play with a buddy.) - DavyinaToga, RBN Community

His Statue Falls - "Give It Up! Give It Up!"
Don't believe the song page! This song claims to be metal, but it's got an equal claim to being electronica and it sounds like it was written for a dance floor. This song is easy to pick up even if you don't know it already, and the energy is just fantastic. My bassist commented that it almost felt like a series of choruses strung together - you finish one section, then cascade into another without really losing any momentum. Extra love for the cool harmonies! - HMXLachesis, RBN Associate Producer

This is an interesting one... while we've seen metalcore tracks in the past that dally with techno bits as an aside, this tune wholeheartedly embraces its inner raver. From the intro keys riff that sets the tone of things to come, to the full-on bouncy hands-in-the-air happy-hardcore-esque outro, His Statue Falls are absolutely not ashamed to take inspiration from fellow German pop-dance acts like Scooter and Dune. The end result? A unique addition to the Rock Band library that's catchy as hell, and one that you'll find yourself humming long after you're done playing. - S1ckH4nds, RBN Community

Mind At Risk - "Be Right Here"
"Be Right Here" is rock that remembers what rock is all about, celebrating classic styling with a catchy chorus and a hungry guitar hook. From the opening bars, this song is alive, and the strong momentum will carry you straight to the close. I hardly had to ask my bassist for a rating on this song - "five stars!" he told me right away. At only 80 MSP, you're getting a bargain, so pick it up and show this Irish band that they've gained some international fans. - HMXLachesis, RBN Associate Producer

The Cold Goodnight - "Revenants"
The heaviest song on their EP, this song is probably the most immediately inviting to the majority of Rock Band players due to its harder sound. It's got a bassline that crawls under your skin, grungy guitar with a haunting solo, and pounding drums with a very enjoyable tom beat during the solo, as well as a healthy number and variety of fills throughout. I anxiously awaited this song when it was first announced their EP was coming to the RBN, but this song heavily benefits from the RBN2 features, with shouted harmonies and tremolo lanes being utilized to further strengthen the experience. - Karmeleaux, RBN Community

TesseracT - "Eden"
For the past few weeks, I've been delighted to receive a huge dose of stellar progressive metal through RBN thanks to Andromeda. However, the track I've been most excited for was actually by TesseracT, a band I have only discovered recently but immediately fallen in love with. "Eden" is the closer off their debut album, a nine-minute epic that shows how much potential these guys have. While the the guitar and bass parts are plenty of fun, it's the vocals here that really shine with amazing harmonies throughout. As for drummers, be ready for one of the most intense polyrhythm-filled charts around. Enjoy the ride, and if you want more, pick up "Deception" as well to maximize the fun. - Xenigma, RBN Community

The Pauses - "Go North"
This week saw a number of releases from repeat popular RBN artists, but this song most certainly does not deserve to be lost in their wake. Nowadays it seems like there's predominantly two types of indie rock: The artsy rockers who feel alternative is too mainstream now, and the pop-rock groups who aren't quite ready to admit it yet. This song never seems to choose its side, though, and the person who benefits is the player. The guitar and drum work will surprise and please most players with how varied and engaging they are, but not a measure later it will move into jangly chimes and vocal oohs. These changes in feel leads to it being a pretty fun song for solo play on most instruments, but an absolute blast if you can get a few friends together and watch the shifts in focus translate to a full band experience. - Karmeleaux, RBN Community

Askari Nari - "Mercury Blooming"
This minimalistic track from Jacob Chaney's Askari Nari project instantly recalls the style of electronic pioneers Kraftwerk, with its laidback retro-techno loops and mutating synth scales. It's not overly challenging -- no one's going to be crying for their poor fingers after playing this song -- but it's a nice mellow addition to a varied setlist, and the interlocking patterns on guitar, bass, and keys are all pretty fun to play! - S1ckH4nds, RBN Community

Amberian Dawn - "Dreamchaser"
It pains me to recommend an AD song without Heidi, but this song is simply too much fun on all instruments! It's got insanely difficult guitar solos for those masochists out there and a great drum track that switches up a few times. Don't let all the devil signs scare you away because you'd be missing out on a fantastic track. - NoThru22, RBN Community

Freen in Green - "Halftime"
How many rockers have dreamed of playing to thousands of adoring fans while headlining at a massive sporting events? Most have to settle for smaller gigs such as the Superbowl or the Olympics, but the members of Freen in Green become legends as they play for the largest crowd of all, the Golfing World Cup. FiG shows us that to be the best you don't need a good guitarist, millions of record sales, a movie ,or any kind of publicity whatsoever. To truly rise above the rest, you need vuvuzuelas. - TriumphantBass, RBN Community

"Mint, Aptiva, can I have a word with you about overtly abusing your audience?" - HMXLachesis, RBN Associate Producer