RBN Highlights 9

We're wicked excited to bring you the top community-recommended songs from the last two weeks of RBN content. This article features some familiar names from the past - Freezepop, Paul and Storm, and Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives are all back in Rock Band. If you haven't picked these tracks up yet, or you'd like some other great recommendations, read on!

Freezepop - "Doppelgänger"
Freezepop and rhythm games are symbiotic. Since one of Harmonix's first games, FreQuency, Freezepop has been along for the ride, like a best friend on a road trip. Both have matured nicely without losing their fun-loving spirit that initially caught people's attention. Enter "Dopplegänger," a self-reflecting story of a girl going out one night who happens to see her ex dancing with a girl of uncanny resemblance. She wonders if she's the only one who notices the similarities. Bïttersweet and effervëscent, this song will find a place to frequently get stuck happily in your head and heart. This is the seventh Freezepop song to grace Rock Band, but only the first to feature keys. And what a fun keys chart it is! The harmonies are simple but rewarding, and the classic instruments all have engaging parts to play. Turn this one up, because the mix is fantastic. Also, be sure to pay attention to the venue work for some clever bits. - 402NoteStreak, RBN Community

Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives - "Soy Bomb"
A classic among rhythm gamers, this song needs no introduction. But in case you've forgotten (shame on you!), it was featured as a bonus track in Guitar Hero II. Now it's back in full force, this time replacing the rhythm guitar with bass, and adding drums. Is that a worthwhile upgrade? Short answer: ! Long answer: If you enjoyed the song in Guitar Hero II, then you are sure to enjoy it again. Drummers will have a blast and bassists' up-strums function better. Guitar Hero II will always hold a special place in my heart, but I prefer a single library. "Soy Bomb" marks the 19th song from Guitar Hero II's setlist to make its way into Rock Band. - 402NoteStreak, RBN Community

Paul and Storm - "Nugget Man"
Join geek-comedy duo Paul and Storm as they take you on a reverential ode to the creator of the chicken nugget. The song plods along at a very subdued rate, focusing mostly on the melancholy vocals and the piano part which is chord-filled and gets quite complicated but is still very fun to play and kind of reminiscent of some of the Queen songs. Paul and Storm are well known for their vocal harmonies and these also make also a strong showing here. The lyrics will make you smile, the instrument parts are simple but varied enough to stay interesting but the song seems to sort of peter before doing anything truly amazing. Then, just when you feel like the song might have ended, it kicks you full-pelt into a brilliantly energetic bluesy rock section with guitar, bass and drums all finally letting loose and a gospel-style vocal performance making great use of the harmonies. There's even a fully-authored big rock ending style outro where the drums in particular go completely wild. Perhaps the only negative thing to say about this song is that it really doesn't make chicken nuggets sound very appetizing.... - Oscarvarium, RBN Community

'Novelty' is a genre about as vague as 'rock'. I feel it's just an excuse to dismiss clever lyrics. There are so many talented musicians with a knack for humor whose lyrics fall into one category while their music falls into another. Yes, you should expect to laugh at overly-descriptive-but-harmoniously-sung lines like "Made from mechanically recovered meat and anti-foaming products, reconstituted meat slurry and extra chicken skin for its binding properties," but this song is an unexpected feat transcendent of and not dependent on its genre. Stick around for the ending; you wouldn't want to miss it. Unlike Robert C. Baker's greatest creation, novelty isn't bad for you. - 402NoteStreak, RBN Community

Free Spirit - "Far Away from Heaven (RB3 version)"
One thing I really love about the Rock Band Network of late is that authors and bands have been teaming up to release numerous Rock Band 3 versions of old favorites, and there are few bands quite as deserving of the treatment as Free Spirit. "Far Away from Heaven" was one of the first songs to be released through this system, and I know I was quickly hooked by the epic hard rock sound. Now this classic has been upgraded with keys and three-part harmonies so you can enjoy everything this song has to offer. It's not a particularly difficult song, but it sure is fun. The best part? The entire album is set for release on Rock Band, so if you like this song, you will find plenty more Free Spirit on the store now and in the coming months. - Xenigma, RBN Community

Weeping Buddhas - "Sweet Rain"
A laid back jam to soothe your soul. It does more than sound good, it makes you feel good. Lyrically, it's the opposite of Geronimo Jackson's "Dharma Lady", but musically, it's equally satisfying. It begs for a guitar solo and you know exactly what's in store before you even get there, not unlike how fitting the rest of the instruments are to this song. Drummers, beware the last few FC-breaking notes. - 402NoteStreak, RBN Community

Synthetic Elements - "Life Will Fade Away"
Like any good ska song*, this has fast rhythm, catchy guitar riffs, rolling bass, horns, harmonies and a heck of a hook in the chorus. It may be third wave in the music world, but I finally feel a first wave of ska forming in Rock Band.- 402NoteStreak, RBN Community

*For the record, the song is sorted under 'Punk', and the band definitely pulls from both genres.