Rock Band Network PAX Panels: Nord Shows Off RBN

This was my first PAX, and in many different ways it was an amazing experience. The show was extremely crowded, but there seemed to be less frenzy and confusion that I have experienced at shows like E3 and GDC. The crowd was there to enjoy the games, enjoy each other, and have fun, and the feeling in the building was a happy one.

When I walked into the room they had reserved for my “little” talk, I was certain there was some mistake. “400 seats? Seriously? Are you aware this isn’t about loot tables in Diablo III?” And then people started filing in, and we almost filled the room. Although my hilarious and brilliant presentation on Rock Band Network was probably the main reason people showed up, having Jonathan Coulton on the panel probably helped a little bit.

I was very nervous when I started; you can hear my voice shaking. But the audience was great, they had a sense of humor and that helped me relax. They listened to my bad puns, heckled me, and we all had a good time. I hope that I managed to explain RBN to people and get them excited about the prospect of having a nearly unlimited source of new songs in Rock Band.

And watching the audience browbeat JoCo into playing guitar on Hard (and nearly failing out) was pretty much the highlight of PAX.

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