Rock Band Network 2.0 Presents Keys, Pro Keys, Harmonies, and Pro Drums!

What is the Rock Band Network?

The Rock Band Network is a groundbreaking system that allows any musician, no matter how well-known or obscure, to sell original music through Rock Band. At our launch in March 2010, the RBN supported all Rock Band 2 playable instruments.

So... did that work out well?

Yes - the Rock Band Network is a huge success! At the time of this writing, over 1,000 songs have been released through the Rock Band Network, including everything from classic rock to classical music, pop tunes to chiptunes, indie rock to nerdcore, and of course some really amazing metal.

What is Rock Band Network 2.0?

RBN 2.0 is the Rock Band Network update that goes along with some of Rock Band 3's new instruments. Using the tools in RBN 2.0, authors can produce Rock Band songs with keys, pro keys, harmonies, and pro drums*. RBN 2.0 also lets authors customize song practice sections and gives authors greater flexibility with camera, lights, focus, and post-processing to make the greatest visuals possible.

I'm a musician and my music is awesome. How do I get my music into Rock Band?

If you're interested in authoring your own tracks, go to to learn about getting your music in the game. There's extensive documentation available on the Creators wiki, and the RBN forum community is really friendly and helpful to new authors.

That all looks great, but I have a busy tour schedule and I don't have time to author my own tracks.

There are a number of companies that have formed to help musicians get their music into the game. While we can't recommend an individual company, you can learn more about the options at Rock Band Community member Sayburr's helpful forum thread or the community-created authoring groups page at

I'm not a musician, but I want to get involved! Anything cool I can do?

Yes! We always welcome more people playtesting and peer reviewing songs. Being a reviewer is a really important role that helps maintain the high quality of songs coming through the Rock Band Network. You can read more about being a reviewer here.

Alternately, you could try your hand as an author. The RBN Overview will teach you about the process, and you can learn the ropes with our great sample song (available here to registered users of

I just want to see the documentation for the new features in RBN 2.0.

Here you go!

I just want to buy Rock Band Network songs with the new instruments!

Stay tuned! Songs should be coming through the Rock Band Network 2.0 pipeline and arriving in the store shortly. For all your Rock Band Network news, including weekly lists of new songs, artist interviews, and more, visit the RBN section of the Rock Band Blog.

* Although many RBN 1.0 songs do include pro drums, pro drums were not mandatory during the RBN 1.0 era. All future RBN songs will include pro drums. Rock Band 3 Pro Mode requires Rock Band Pro-compatible instrument controllers.


Any chance that Harmonix will be trying RBN on the Wii again now that new features are offered in the newer songs?

Please..let me get RBN in my region (New Zealand, ... its like, near that Australia place) .

(Pro) Keys in RBN 2.0? Awesome! Now if only we'd get the pro guitar and bass charts sometime it would be perfect - considering that these charts aren't really a conversion to a 5 button format but rather a 1:1 translation into the pro-chart format, there shouldn't be any evaluation phase, considering that the musicians that created and probably still play the songs on concerts should exactly know what notes to play. I just hope we PS3 people will be able to enjoy RBN 2.0 too ^_^ Go HMX!

Yeah, I'm hoping for an RBN 3.0 that includes Pro Guitar, once enough Pro Guitarists are out there.

Ah ha! I was wondering why RBN hadn't gotten an update in a while. This is fantastic news! Here's hoping the bands can make great use of the new features, and release some amazing tracks. LONG LIVE ROCK BAND!!

First thing I wondered from this: will any previously released songs be re-authored with 2.0 settings? I'm guessing that's up to the authoring companies.

When in the world are you going to do every other song in RB3 format?! With the keys and harmonies included?!

Awesome, can't wait until it comes to the ps3 :D

RBN currently has no plans to support Pro Guitar or Pro Bass. Among other reasons, the number of reviewers that could actually evaluate one of those charts properly are few and far between, so it'd either take forever to get the charts approved, or they'd be released with gross inaccuracies.

Will RBN 3.0 feature pro guitar?