Regis' Wig & Other Rock Band Appearances

When the brains at Harmonix Music began inventing Rock Band, they had many inspiring visions in mind. The sight of Regis Philbin in a wig wasn’t one of them.

You wouldn’t believe the places where Rock Band has been turning up, however. We’ve gotten some serious media coverage…and some really goofy appearances as well. We hope you’ve already caught up with the video that Judd Apatow planted to sell his movie “Walk Hard.” Heck, the clip may well be funnier than the movie; not least because of the fabulously clueless rendition of “Wave of Mutilation” they open with. Of course, you’re likely to forget about that by the time you get to the viral-marketing tirade, which looks to be an instant classic in our neck of the woods. For legal reasons we hope you can discover it on your own.

Conan O’Brien joined the party with this clip that tied Rock Band with the current writer’s strike. We hereby invite Conan to our office to similarly trash our next gaming session.


Completing our run of the late-night shows, Carson Daly proudly declared his love for the game before Christmas—We hope somebody gave him a copy. Note the spirited discussion on this YouTube page about the benefits and drawbacks of playing virtual rock. One of us played it with his mom, which should settle the argument once and for all.


Newsweek also gave us some great exposure before the holidays, and included a live photo taken at our office Christmas party. Check here for a bit of insight into where Harmonix came from and how we got where we’re at:


Finally, it’s the Regis clip. Proceed with caution, and rest assured that you don’t look this silly playing “Mississippi Queen.”