REM, Offspring, and Richard Thompson DLC


We got punk, we got cult-hero folk-rock, and we got one of the biggest alternative hits ever. Just another incredibly diverse DLC week here at Rock Band. The punk first: Offspring fans will be glad to add “All I Want” and “The Kids Aren’t Alright” to the handful of Offspring hits we’ve already released. These were the hits that came before and after “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy),” a mighty run that proved you didn’t need to be slick pop to make the charts. Around this time the band ticked off its label by letting fans download songs for free, then ticked off Napster by stealing its logo. Good times.

“The Way That it Shows” marks the Rock Band debut of the great English singer/guitarist Richard Thompson; and if you’re a fan (or want to become one), we recommend checking out our audio interview. (If you don’t know or care who Thompson is but love great guitar solos, don’t miss this either).

One band needing no intro is R.E.M., who officially turned from cult heroes into superstars when “Losing My Religion” was released in 1991. It’s hard to hear this song now without thinking of whoever you were crushed on back then, but R.E.M.’s massive success proved inspirational to left-field bands across the country. And this song still sounds like nothing else on the radio: in fact, it’s the first song in Rock Band history to feature a lead mandolin.