Rock Band 3 Wins Best Soundtrack from AIAS

Rock Band 3 received an award at the 14th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards hosted by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Science. The game, released in October 2010 and featuring a setlist of 83 songs from classic artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Lennon, and more, received the award for Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack.

Rock Band 3 was also nominated for the Family Game of the Year...but lost out to our sister game Dance Central! (Dance Central was also nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Game Play Engineering, Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack, and Outstanding Innovation in Gaming!)

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It's all relative, I guess. Rock Band 3 had the most disappointing list of songs, compared to 1 & 2... and many were just downright not fun to play. Flaming Lips' Yoshimi is a fun song to listen to but boring to play in RB. The Flaming Lips have many songs that actually ROCK, so it's mindboggling that this one was picked. Another problem was the difficulty, previous games started easy and got harder - RB3 just throws you off the deep end, which is fine for people familiar with the game, but unboxing this at xmas and trying to play with my family was a disappointing experience because of the difficult songs in the first road challenges! On top of that, the note placement for songs is almost illogical at times, compared to 1 & 2. Still, it's better than Guitar Hero, I guess.

Great news, especially following all that doom and gloom over the band game scene last week. Should have got a Grammy too though.

cool, you guys kick ass.