Rock Band Blitz is Available Now!

Rock Band Blitz brings the excitement of a full band experience right into your hands! Music gaming pioneers Harmonix have introduced an all-new way to experience your favorite Rock Band songs with an over the top, addictive, controller-based gameplay experience – no instrument peripherals needed!

Rock Band Blitz comes bundled with 25 songs from the some of the biggest names in music, including The All-American Rejects, Avenged Sevenfold, Elton John, Foster the People, Iron Maiden, Maroon 5, Queen, and more! Rock Band Blitz is instantly compatible with your existing Rock Band Music Library, meaning content from the Rock Band Music Store, as well as tracks exported from discs including Rock Band, Rock Band 2, and more, are all ready to play right now with this new style of gameplay! Additionally, the entire 25 song soundtrack for Rock Band Blitz is instantly cross-compatible with Rock Band 3, so plastic instrument aficionados can get their full band gameplay on for no additional charge!

Xbox 360 gamers can also show their Rock Band Blitz love with all-new items for their Avatars, available now on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace!

The Rock Band Music Store has also been updated for Wii™ rockers today – Barenaked Ladies’ “One Week,” Foo Fighters’ “These Days,” and Queen’s “Death on Two Legs” are available now as single track for 200 Wii Points™ a piece!

Today, Harmonix has also released an exciting new commercial for Rock Band Blitz, which zooms players through the high-energy streets of Rock City, perfectly encapsulating the exhilarating, kinetic feel of this year’s hottest, most addictive rhythm-action title! Check it out below!