Rock Band Blitz Power-up Profile: Bottle Rocket

Rob is an awesome Harmonix fan we met at PAX that has been writing pieces on his blog about Rock Band Blitz. He was kind enough to write something just for us! We'll be posting these Power-up Profiles for each Power-up over the next few weeks. For more information about how the Power-ups work, visit our YouTube channel.

Butlers, personal chefs, merry maids, and singing/dancing chimneysweeps are all great for one reason; they do work so you don’t have to do it yourself. While I’m sure you all know how to cut a rug on the roof with your trusty broom, life is a gazillion point five times easier with a professional to handle the job. This professional is Bottle Rocket.

Bottle Rocket is straight to the point. Just load up on Overdrive while you’re heading down the Note Highway. Once you have enough Energy in your meter to activate Bottle Rocket, launch away. A well-timed firework will fly across the road and knock out a swath of notes. This explosion will activate Overdrive notes and Purple notes it hits along with any other notes it destroys. All of it counting towards the combos in those lanes. It’s like a beautiful rainbow of explosions where at the end sits a bucket full of shiny points.

One of the best parts about activating Bottle Rocket is that each use doesn’t fully drain your Overdrive meter. You can use it multiple times depending on how much Energy you have stocked. That means if you felt inclined you could launch one after another after another (and so on and so forth). Lucky for you Rock City doesn’t have strict “No Fireworks” laws so you can celebrate Canadian Halloween in style.

Another great use of Bottle Rocket is what I like to call “Jumping the Checkpoint.” Running a little short on a combo? Once an upcoming checkpoint is about three quarters of the way down the highway, launch a salvo. The notes you hit on the other side of the checkpoint will then count for your combos on your current side. Basically it’s like cheating the system except it’s totally allowed and totally awesomesauce.

Bottle Rocket can do some of its finest work in areas of the song with A LOT of notes across all lanes. “Monkeywrench” by Foo Fighters is a great example of a song with heavy sections of notes available to cause some totally legal collateral damage. Pair up Bottle Rocket with some Blast Notes and you can cause some chain reactions with enough destruction to make most giant radioactive lizards jealous.

You really can’t go wrong with using Bottle Rocket. Sure there are other Power-ups that give extra points or make pretty colors appear, but this is a Power-up that doesn’t mess around. It doesn’t need to; it freaking explodes.