Rock Band Blitz Power-up Profile: Flame Notes

Rob is an awesome Harmonix fan we met at PAX that has been writing pieces on his blog about Rock Band Blitz. He was kind enough to write something just for us! We'll be posting these Power-up Profiles for each Power-up over the next few weeks. For more information about how the Power-ups work, visit our YouTube channel.

When Prometheus came down from the mountain with the gift of fire, he probably didn’t know that it would be used for the ultimate purpose; to score crazy amounts of points in Rock Band Blitz. If he did, he may not have shared it with the world. Instead he probably would have kept it for himself so he could rule the Leaderboards with an iron fist. He’d be undefeated in Score Wars and we’d all be forced to pay tribute to him with some sort of national holiday where the Post Office is closed. But, he was a nice guy with no ability to predict the future and now we have the Flame Note and the Post Office is open.

This purple beast is a combination of a happy dream about having a catch with Air Bud and a nightmare hosted by Cerberus, all rolled into one terrifyingly pleasant package. On one end you have Flame Notes that when activated spawn a fiery flame somewhere on the Note Highway. Hit one of these and you get a nice little bump in points. But on the other side of the coin, after that first note another flaming note pops up somewhere else forcing you to scramble across the lanes to grab another while Cerberus laughs at your panicked expression. Soon the time window grows smaller and smaller as the flaming notes begin to come faster and faster. But with all the chaos if you’re able to keep pace, you’re burning a trail to the top of the Leaderboards.

Flame Notes pair well with certain Power-ups over others. Bandmate is a great combination as while it takes over a lane it will also trigger Flame Notes along its path. Point Doubler also works well as it is able to make the effort of catching Flame Notes worth more than maintaining Blitz Mode. This means being able to freely wander from lane to lane at a pretty slow speed but also having enough time to keep the fire going. Bottle Rocket and Road Rage can trigger Flame Notes from far away by clearing away groups of notes; giving more time and a clear area to line up for the next Flame Note coming down the path.

Here are two tips for getting the hang of the Flame Note:

  1. Stay in the middle lane when you are not actively pursuing combos. That way you are able to see the entire board and be on the lookout for Flame Notes as they come up the Highway. This also allows you to see all 4-5 lanes and make sure you’re maximizing your combo opportunities. Hanging out too much on the far left or right side of the track can make the opposite side hard to see and hard to catch awesome bonuses.
  2. Practice! Grab a two lane song from the Rock Band Music Store and try out keeping up with Flame Notes on a more contained environment. Songs like “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” and “Landslide” are both great songs with only a couple tracks to mess with. For extra fun pair Flame Notes and Bandmate on these tracks and see what happens next.

So Flame Notes are a good way to start your journey up the Leaderboards. With the right kind of pairings and an aggressive Blitz strategy they can be your hot and spicy path to golden stars. Just make sure to bring some Mylanta.


Toast. Period. 2 million. Damn. Period.