Rock Band Blitz Power-up Profile: Pinball

Rob is an awesome Harmonix fan we met at PAX that has been writing pieces on his blog about Rock Band Blitz. He was kind enough to write something just for us! We'll be posting these Power-up Profiles for each Power-up over the next few weeks. For more information about how the Power-ups work, visit our YouTube channel.

Fearless, brave, valiant, courageous are all words to describe the fearless person who picks the Pinball Note as a Power-up. These people are the types that find extreme sports boring, noodlin’ lame, and gator wrestling a total freaking snoozefest. People who like Pinball Notes are the type of people you should be buddying up with, as their level of grit is one you want on your side. Still, this club of intrepid individuals is not an exclusive one as you can join their ranks just by mastering the use of the Pinball Note.

Pinball Note activates upon hitting a purple note as it comes down the Note Highway. You can activate with the traditional means of waiting until it comes to you or it can also be activated via other Power-ups like Bottle Rocket, Road Rage, or Synchrony when they destroy said purple note. Once activated, the Pinball will be summoned and it will begin its journey back and forth along the play field. As it runs over notes you will get a point bonus per note that was in the Pinball’s way.

Your job is to make sure you are lined up to hit it back when it returns to keep it in play. This means risking Blitz Mode, filling up your combos, and having to hear that record scratch sound that activates when things begin to fall apart. To add to this the Pinball does start to accelerate faster and faster as it gets served back and forth and eventually it can become a chaotic mess. Your BFF Bandmate can help with this by backing you up on another lane and not only building up that lane’s combos but also by bouncing back the Pinball if it comes in contact. Add further to this combination by utilizing Synchrony to cover your lane changes and things get much more manageable.

The one important thing about Pinball is that it doesn’t clear notes off the Note Highway. It just runs over them. That means your combos and Overdrive are both not being increased, just your overall score. Still when played in a song with massive sections of notes like “The Kids Aren’t Alright” by the Offspring, the massive packs of notes can net a lot of points that help offset any risky losses from having to play catch with the Pinball. So if you’re feeling fearless, throw a Pinball Note in the mix. It may require a little more management than some of the other Power Ups but if you know how to use it right you can muscle your way up the Leaderboards like a veteran Lumberjack scaling a Douglas Fir. Just remember that flannel and beards are optional, but always recommended.