Rock Band Blitz Power-up Profile: Shockwave

Rob is an awesome Harmonix fan we met at PAX that has been writing pieces on his blog about Rock Band Blitz. He was kind enough to write something just for us! We'll be posting these Power-up Profiles for each Power-up over the next few weeks. For more information about how the Power-ups work, visit our YouTube channel.

Hi. My name is Rob and I just read a book called “Almanac Greene & the Shockwave of Blitzington Manor.” This book is a story about a young plucky detective who must uncover the mysteries of Baron Baltimore Von Leaderboard who has hidden a treasure of Blitz Coins inside his mansion. At a lengthy 74 pages it took me nearly three weeks to read it and color all of the pictures.

In the book, Almanac Greene learns that Shockwave was a Power-up used by an ancient and secret society of musicians called “The Waveformed.” This Power-up was utilized by waiting until the user had at least the minimal amount of Overdrive stocked and then unleashing it upon a very crowded note highway. The rippling effect of Shockwave gathered points on every single note that extended out towards the horizon. This allowed them to gather the maximum number of points but only worth using on songs with a lot of notes on screen at once. If they used it on a section of a song with only a few tracks active or a lot of sustains, it would not be very effective. It was common knowledge amongst the elder high council of The Waveformed that Shockwave did not completely work with every song. The Power-up was best utilized on only certain tracks.

But the young detective was not able to master the powers of Shockwave immediately. For some time he met failure when trying to use Shockwave on solos and other occasions where there weren’t enough notes on screen to make the best of Shockwave. Also, he found that it wasn’t a “cleaning” style power up like a Road Rage or Bottle Rocket and that meant that he couldn’t rely on it to help him clean up notes to complete combos. He overcame this challenge by pairing up Shockwave with the magical powers of Blast Notes. This worked well as Blast Notes are best utilized in note-heavy areas of songs, just like Shockwave. He even used it with Synchrony and let its ability to clear out notes when crossing lanes to his advantage.

“Act III: The Shockwavening” is the gripping conclusion to the novel. Almanac Greene confronts the ghost of Baron Baltimore Von Leaderboard in the observatory of the manor. There they battle in a Score War of incredible proportions to the DLC song “Rebel Yell.” Notes are shattered all around our hero as he waits until the precise moment when his Overdrive meter is full and turns the tables against the Baron. Against a background of Billy Idol screaming he defeats his foe and emerges from the estate rich in Blitz Coins.

In the end our wealthy hero learns that Shockwave is a viable weapon to use in Rock Band Blitz. If used on the right kind of song with the right kinds of Power-ups, it can be a force of triumph, victory, and ultimate power. While there is some mastery to using it in conjunction with Power-ups like Flame, Runaway, or even Pinball Notes, as a beginner to the Artes D’Shockwavian he knows has so much more to master.

Even though it is the first in a fifteen-ology of books, “Almanac Greene & the Shockwave of Blitzington Manor” is a great book to read that I recommend to anyone who likes crushing foes, plucky heroes, or spooky mysteries. But don’t take my word for it.