Rock Band Blitz Tournaments: Tales of a Winner

Superfan Rob is at it again, this time with a fictional (and we think semi-autobiographical) tale of an international Rock Band Blitz superstar gaining fame and fortune from playing in our Rock Band Blitz Tournaments. You probably won't get famous, but you can win DLC and other cool prizes by joining in Tournaments on Rock Band World. Check them out!

Walter S. Potts or as his friends call him “The Walleye” has found himself driven to compete. His sport isn’t one of baskets, gloves, or even footballs; but of the underground digital sport known by many as “Rock Band Blitz.” For months his dedication to this underground sport has lea d him to several titles. His most recent, the Overdrive in Ontario Winter Blitz Tournament, awarded him the title of Canadian Grand Champion. This was first an American has ever won this once domestically dominated title. It was a true triumph.

In only a few months he has gone from nobody to somebody. After setbacks like a crippling injury known as “Blitz Claws” and some recreational donut abuse (also known as “dozening”) that brought his career to an all-time low, he has still managed to find a way to pull himself together to conquer yet again. Admired by many and loved by all, Mr. Potts has made a career out his incredible Rock Band Blitz skills.

I caught up with The Walleye at his training facility in Seattle, Washington. We walked the grounds where he practiced lane changes, using Overdrive, and even a secluded place where he keeps all of his awards. Among the many trophies, ribbons, and sashes he has earned as a champion, his most cherished of awards is the many letters from his fans.

The young champion was nice enough to allow me to ask him about his career. Here are some excerpts from our interview.

First off, how did you get into the world of competitive Rock Band Blitz?

I sort of just *fell* into it, I guess. I was in a rough place back in August of 2012. My dog had just ran away, someone was stealing my paper every morning, and I was unhappy with my job. For me, it was the bottom of the barrel. I’d become spite ridden. Things that were once nice, like sunrises or cute baby pandas, just made me angry. Nothing made me happy.

Sounds pretty rough. How did you manage to rise above it all?

Sure was. But then I downloaded a game called Rock Band Blitz and things began to change. It was incredible. The way the notes moved towards me and how I commanded the flow of the music gave me control over something in a time when I had control over nothing else. It was truly invigorating. I felt complete.

But it wasn’t until my first Score War that I realized that there was something more to this game. One day, in the middle of “Liking” the Grilled Cheese Sandwich Page on Facebook, I saw a notification pop up. A friend of mine, Kevin, challenged me to some song via the Rock Band World Facebook App. We dueled back and forth for days. It was his score versus mine as we tried to force the other to concede. Eventually, I crushed him under the wheels of a Road Rage Power-up.

It was that tiny victory that became the catalyst for my future endeavors.

Eventually I caught wind of a Rock Band Blitz tournament happening on Facebook, via the Rock Band Facebook page. Apparently people were fighting for the top spot in different tournaments that were being posted, so I signed up via the Rock Band World App. It was all so easy that I didn’t even realize what I was getting involved with.

How did those first competitions fare?

Right out of the gate, I did great. With each victory I won DLC codes and the admiration of millions. It was, for me, a moment of true fulfillment. From what I understand it can take your whole life to find your purpose. I had just found mine, it was Rock Band Blitz Tournaments.

Things went well for weeks… until the accident. It would be that accident that would cost me my last online tournament.

An accident?

Yup. On the Blitz scene we call it “Blitz Claws”. It is when your hands clench up from playing too much Rock Band Blitz. Sometimes, you can just take a quick break and shake it off. But things were different this time.

It took me out of the tournament. I went from a Score Warrior to absolutely nothing within days. The emails from fans became far and few between. I was crushed. Days later, after the physical wounds had healed, I was still on the injury list, only this time I had a broken heart.

That’s when I began to “dozen.” Online I had read that people found solace in using donuts.

I thought it would help me recover. First it was just a few doughnut holes here and there, just to give me a little pep. Eventually I had moved to bismarks, crullers, and even buttermilk bars. There would be days where I’d sit with the TV on and my phone shut off while I consumed fritter after fritter.

My parents even attempted to hold an intervention to get me to stop chasing the “Sprinkled Mongoose” (street for donuts). But I didn’t want anything to do with anyone. I was at my lowest and alone again.

But it would appear that things picked up for you.

One day I received an email from a little kid. I think his name was Sparky McCallister. Apparently the little guy looked up to me, like some sort of hero. He had these drawings of me shooting Shockwaves at evil notes and fighting giant monsters. I was his role model and he would tell all the kids at his orphanage about my wins.

But with me falling out of the limelight, little Sparky was losing his hope with the world.

Sounds it was what you needed.

I guess it was just what I needed. The thought of some kid’s dreams being crushed and he himself hanging around shifty looking bakeries all day was enough to motivate me. So I put the donut holes down and decided to pick myself up by my sweater vest. It was time to Blitz again.

Looks like you were able to get your momentum going again.

Sure did. First I won the Northwest Regionals, and then I decided to take my Blitz international and win the Ontario circuit. The Walleye was back and the world was watching me. New sponsorships and giant novelty checks were arriving daily. It allowed me to build this training facility and in a few months, also a brand new orphanage for little Sparky and his orphan friends.

All of this because of a single game?

The fame, the fortune, the happy orphans; it’s all because I took the time to participate in a Blitz Tournament on Facebook. With one click and a few thousand button presses, my life has changed for the better.

Your story is an incredible one. Thank you for your time Mr. Walleye.

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