Rock Band Network Artist Trivia Answers

Congratulations to FairwoodStudios, the first person to post all correct answers in the forums!

Below are the answers from Friday's trivia.

  1. This band is the solo project of Ilan Rubin, who has toured as a drummer for Nine Inch Nails and used to be the former drummer for Lostprophets. - The New Regime (M)
  2. This band is best known for starring (in fictionalized form) in a TV show of the same name. - Flight of the Conchords (L)
  3. This artist is best known for his extraordinarily skilled beat boxing. - Kid Beyond (G)
  4. This heavy metal band took its name from a line in the Counting Crows song "Ghost Train". - Between The Buried And Me (B)
  5. This band released 3 consecutive multi-platinum albums, including one RIAA diamond certification. - Creed (I)
  6. Alternate names for this pivotal emo band included "Empty Set" and "One Day I Stopped Breathing". - Sunny Day Real Estate (C)
  7. Mike Herrera, the bassist from pop-punk band MxPx, releases his solo alternative country songs under this name. - Tumbledown (J)
  8. This band wrote the theme for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. - Nerf Herder (N)
  9. This post-grunge/alternative metal band comes from Johannesburg, South Africa. - Seether (A)
  10. This band's founder is so heavily into martial arts (particularly judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu) that he has a personal dojo in his house. - Five Finger Death Punch (F)
  11. This gothic metal band comes from Milan, Italy. - Lacuna Coil (H)
  12. The Greek founder of this heavy metal band also plays lead guitar for Ozzy Osbourne. - Firewind (D)
  13. The members of this band met while playing thrash metal and then switched to playing acoustic guitar. - Rodrigo y Gabriela (E)
  14. This artist started his career as a transcriptionist for Frank Zappa and then toured with him for two years. - Steve Vai (K)