Rock Band 2 Statistics

By popular forum request, I present some interesting Rock Band 2 song statistics! Hooray!

First Songs

  • For all but vocals, the first song in the game is "Eye of the Tiger." This is because it is awesome.
  • For vocals, it's "Pretend We're Dead."
  • The easiest Harmonix song is "Conventional Lover" by Speck. Honestly though, it's not about how easy it is, it's how you play it.


Final Songs

  • "Painkiller" is the final band and guitar song by difficulty.
  • "Panic Attack" is the final drum and bass song by difficulty.
  • "Tangled Up in Blue" is the final vocal song by difficulty.
  • The hardest Harmonix song is "Visions" by Abnormality.


Full Ranking List going to be coming out through the gaming press very soon. Stay tuned!


Other Stats

  • The shortest song is "Hello There" by Cheap Trick, with a running time of 1:37. Coincidentally, it was also the most played song at E3.
  • While "Teen Age Riot" has the most guitar notes at 3,316 notes, the majority are chords. "Panic Attack" has the most individually strummed or HOPO'ed notes, with 2,767 - "Teen Age Riot" only has 1,824.
  • As of right now the highest scoring band in Rock Band 2 is "Dogs of the A.M.S.," a band comprised of OXM reviewers. Nice work, OXM!
  • The band with the highest amount of fans, however, is "Empty Theatrics," a band comprised of GameInformer reviewers. Do I sense an impending Battle of the Bands face-off?


And finally, to the people in the NeoGAF thread who were wondering why I don't post there - I'd love to post on your forum, but the admins haven't approved me to post. If you have any questions, you can post them here in the meantime and I'll try and work them into some blog posts.

Next week, PAX!