Feature Update: 1/24/11

We’ve been working on a bunch of new features and bug fixes here at Here’s a rundown of the latest changes.


  • Facebook Digest: You’re awesome at Rock Band, right? You want all your friends to know you’re awesome at Rock Band, right? Now can tell them for you. If you link your account to your Rock Band 3 game and your Facebook account, you can set your account to post your Rock Band 3 career progress and your top 3 song performances to Facebook on a regular basis. See example below!

  • Battles: We revamped the Battles page to make it easier for you to find Battles to participate in. Search for Battles the way you want them – a specific instrument, full band, your console, and specific artists or songs are all options. You can also see all of the current Harmonix-created Battles brought to you by HMXtronaut and HMXHellion. If you see one you want to play, find it on your console under Play Now → Quickplay → Play A Setlist. More Battles updates are coming soon, so stay tuned!
  • Web Support Forum dedicated developers: Forum members, meet HMXColby & HMXwnellie! These guys are developers on the Harmonix web team and will be checking in on the Web Support Forum regularly to respond to bug reports and keep you updated on known issues.


  • Signature Performance:We’ve tweaked the way your Signature Performance on your My Gameplay page is calculated. Thanks to feedback from you, it now takes a song’s difficulty into account, as well as your most-played instrument. You should see a more appropriate Signature Performance on your My Gameplay page if you previously had a really easy song or a song on an instrument you don’t usually play. For more details, check out this thread in the forums where HMXFed, the developer who works on Signature Performance, explains the changes.
  • Rock Band Network homepage: The RBN homepage has a brand new look, featuring the Artist of the Month right at the top of the page. Check out this month’s AotM, A Day to Remember, and check back each month for songs and videos from more great RBN bands.
  • Site Stability: It’s no secret that we’ve had a bumpy couple of weeks. But our developers and ops team have been working hard to get the site to be more stable. To start, if Rock Central is down, the site won’t crash anymore. Since a lot of site data relies on Rock Central, it was affecting our stability. This dependency has been removed so you’ll still be able to access the site if Rock Central is down or slow, but you won’t be able to access the related features. We also added another web server and tweaked some settings on some of the other servers.
  • Leaderboards – jump to score: If you’re logged in to with a linked account and visit the Leaderboards, you’ll now be shown your location on the leaderboards automatically.


  • My Gameplay redirect bug: If you were logged in to and in the same browser, you might have noticed a bug where pages would redirect you to your My Gameplay page. This has been fixed. Thank you all for reporting it in the Web Support Forum, and thank you for your patience while we sorted out just what was going on. We know it was really frustrating to deal with.
  • Forum bugs: Reply button issues and avatar issues have been fixed, as well as some behind-the-scenes mod tools to make life easier for everyone.
  • Double posts in My Gameplay: Some activity feed items were showing up multiple times. This issue has been fixed so no new doubles should show up. We’re still working on a fix to make the old doubles go away.


  • Double posts bug: Some forum members are reporting double posts showing up when they respond to a thread. This is a bug we are currently working on. We seem to have reduced the frequency of the bug, but it is still being reported by some users. We hope to have this fixed shortly.
  • Song Finder – sorting: This is a feature that we’ve been working on. We’re working on making the header options (Song title, artist name, etc.) clickable for you to sort in the Song Finder soon.

As always, thank you for your feedback! We’re hard at work on bug fixes and new features, so stay tuned!


Funny, everything is connected and linked but nothing in facebook :(

Sort by date and sort by genre would be nice. Clicking on all the genres you want to see and don't want to see was not a good move in my opinion. I still prefer RB2 in the sense that there are more 3 or 4 custom setlists in the career and you can pick what you want to play more. Also seems to crash once or twice a week in the middle of a set. Thanks for listening.

•Double posts in My Gameplay: Some activity feed items were showing up multiple times. This issue has been fixed so no new doubles should show up. We’re still working on a fix to make the old doubles go away. FAIL ! - I still get double posts, providing my gameplay is updated at all.... Even switching to another account to make Facebook work aswell didn't solve it.

How about this, there are at least three of us that cannot get out singer to activate over drive, it is this way on three different systems, you require going into over drive for some of the goals yet we cannot get it to activate.... Thanks I love rockband up till now, now it just sucks

Great, but what about lack of stage kit support for RB3...extremely disappointed to have wasted money on it and then have it dropped from the game. Adds a lot of fun! By the way, even though RB3 game is well designed (other than the aforementioned) it is inconceiveable that a large percentage of the songs are CRAP on the game disc. Monsters of Rock did a MUCH better job of at least decent little known songs. Kind of seems like you put all the obscure songs you could (you know, never-was songs, barf, etc) on the game disc. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY weak effort. DLC has been hit or miss, but at least can understand where it is coming from or to. But PATHETIC game disc library.

I, too, can still not link with Facebook. I am logged out of every time I try to connect.

Good job;)!!!

I'm still not able to connect to Facebook. As soon as I go to settings and click on Connect to Facebook, it launches a pop-up and refreshes with me signed out at the main page. I get this if I login with my RB account or with the FB login options. I can see the RB application in Facebook settings, but doesn't think it's connected and I haven't seen any posts. Any idea what is going on?

With the sorting on the website, any plans to put back in the sort by date (of when it was added)?

Keep the good work!