Feature Update: 2/24/11

Here are the latest updates to, including new "find a battle" buttons across the site, a fix for login issues, and more.


  • Battles: It’s easier than ever to find or start Rock Band 3 Battles! You’ll start seeing the buttons and links below on artist pages, song pages, blog posts, and more. Click one and you’re on your way to creating or joining a battle featuring that artist or song in seconds. Haven’t created a Battle yet? Check out the Battles page for more details and to join Battles in progress.


  • Band Names: The Leaderboards and your My Gameplay page now display your Rock Band 3 band name!
  • Facebook Digest: Some users were reporting that their Facebook Digest posts weren’t showing up every single time. We increased the stability and reliability of the Digest postings.


  • My Gameplay duplicates: In our last update we mentioned that we fixed a bug where Activity Feed items were showing up twice, but that we hadn’t yet deleted ones that were already there. We went through and removed all double posts, so you shouldn’t see any on your profile anymore.
  • Login issues: There were some users reporting issues with logging in or staying logged in over a long period of time. These issues should be fixed now.
  • Deleting Setlists: Users can now delete Setlists from their My Gameplay section.
  • Console-created Battles: The Battles you create on your console will now update with their correct name on
  • Miscellaneous bugs: We released fixes for about 80 bugs in this last update, most of which were behind-the-scenes fixes to keep running smoothly.


  • Site Stability: We continue to work on site stability and behind-the-scenes functionality to make even better.
  • RBN 2.0: The team has been hard at work getting the new RBN 2.0 site running. RBN 2.0 supports Rock Band 3-specific instruments: keys, Pro Keys, Pro Drums, and harmonies. Stay tuned for more info on RBN 2.0 and the re-launch of the site.