HMX Desks - Attack of the Tiny Zombies

Harmonix is full of awesome people with eclectic personalities. Sometimes those personalities literally spill out onto their workspace. Administrative assistant Shari E.’s desk is one of those places. By day Shari wrangles files and projects awesomeness around the office; by night she serves up drinks to aspiring rock stars at a local rock club. We chatted with Shari about her awesome desk setup and how it affects her workdays.

The first thing you’ll notice about Shari’s desk is the abundance of zombies. (Actually, “zombie” is a word you hear often in the halls of Harmonix, so Shari’s desk isn’t exactly out of place.) From the Zen of Zombie book on her shelf to the little zombie figurines attacking other action figures and sprouting from plants around her desk, Shari has the best zombie collection in the company.

Zombies! And Batman.

Keeping the zombies company are a philodendron known as Agador Sparticus and an African violet known as Shenaynay. (Yes, we name our plants around here.) Shari also has a fake flower that bobs back and forth all day using solar power. Other figurines inhabiting Shari’s desk include Lego Joker and Lego Batman figures, Godzilla, Space Ghost and Friends (who are Shari’s favorite part of her desk), and a tiny Stormtrooper. Shari also keeps a finger puppet named Monkey X at her desk because it scares HMXHenry (shh…we didn’t tell you that). 

Solar-powered flower

Harmonix is a close community, and it’s evidenced by the work of fellow HMXers on Shari’s desk (and around desks all over the company). John Dee, the artist that designed the awesome two-headed tiger on our website (as well as lots of other classic Rock Band images), makes birdhouses in his spare time. He gave Shari one special little birdhouse to add to her desk decorations.  You can also see the artwork of my fellow web team member Fish McGill behind Shari’s desk – the black & white poster with the birds & the teal robot piñata are his work.

John Dee-designed birdhouse

Shari has created a workspace that is welcoming to coworkers – people feel comfortable stopping to chat and rearrange the figures. After all, what’s a zombie invasion if they never move? Shari and her awesome desk are one of the many things that help make the office feel less like an office and more like a fun place to be.

Fish's bird poster and Teal Robot Piñata

The Robot Piñata and Space Ghost & Friends

Godzilla, zombies, and ninja bandages - what more could a girl need?

A phone with googly eyes makes conference calls more entertaining