No Hope for the Holidays! Slipknot Three-Pack DLC

9/9/09 wasn’t only notable as the day that The Beatles: Rock Band was released. Off in another musical universe, that date was also celebrated as the 10th anniversary of Slipknot. There was a time when it didn’t look certain that the band would last ten minutes: walking around with a nu-metal look wasn’t going to make you a lot of friends in Des Moines, but being ostracized did wonders for their music. As drummer Joey Jordison once explained, “We got so used to having the middle finger thrown at us, that when we finally threw it back, we did so with ten times the venom.”  Hence the Halloween masks and costumes they wear on (and who knows, maybe off) stage, guaranteed to make squares uncomfortable.

Feel free to design your own own garb while playing our Slipknot three-pack. All three songs are “new school” Slipknot, drawn from their last couple of albums. Both “Sulphur” and “Psychosocial” - one of the most-requested DLC songs (See! We do pay attention!) - are key tracks on last year’s cheerfully-titled All Hope Is Gone, which according to the band was “us bitching about what’s wrong in life.” But the title was less a statement of global angst than one about fans’ expectations of the band - “All hope of trying to figure us out are now completely obliterated.” Unless of course, you expected them to do powerfully grisly rock with lots of nice tricky bits for gameplay, in which case they delivered.

Going back a few years, “Duality” comes from the previous studio album, Vol.3: The Subliinal Verses, which was notable for at least two reasons: it was their only collaboration with big-time producer Rick Rubin, whose career stretches from the Beastie Boys to Johnny Cash. And it was their first album not to get a parental advisory sticker, as they somehow forgot to put any naughty words on it. Go ahead and add your own!

These tracks will be available for purchase as “Slipknot Pack 01” as well as individual tracks on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 system, and as individual tracks on Wii. Individual tracks are $2.00 each on Wii and $1.99 each on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The pack is $5.49 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.