A Split Personality DLC Week: Nu-Metal and Steve Miller

Remember last year when we rolled out Jimmy Buffett and Disturbed DLC in the same week? We thought we couldn’t outdo ourselves for the sheer weirdness of that mix, but this week we just may have done it. In this corner, the grisly stab of nu-metal. And in this corner, the pompatous of love.

You can sing those very words—maybe even figure out what they mean—during “The Joker,” one of three Steve Miller Band classic we have for your perusal. Since “Rock’n Me” got a good reaction as an in-game song, we follow up with three of his biggest hits: “Space Cowboy” from his '60s psychedelic era; “Joker” and “Take the Money & Run” from his big '70s comeback. Since his Greatest Hits album is one of the best-selling of all time, you don’t need us to tell you how much fun these tunes are.

But we can hear the complainers now: Enough of this classic-rock stuff, give us some metal! As Roy Orbison once said, you got it. As one of the most popular Boston-area bands of the past decade, Godsmack is long overdue for a Rock Band debut. “I Stand Alone” is not only one of their greatest hits, but a song that embodies the fist-waving, “to hell with everybody else” attitude. Another one-time local hero Rob Zombie (who hails from the happening town of Haverhill, MA) unveils his latest assault on the world with “War Zone,” a tune that’s only appeared in the film The Punisher: War Zone before now. Wrapping up the loud package are the soon-to-be-big Ghost Hounds, and the recent hit “Typical” by New Orleans’ contribution to the heavy rock world, Mute Math.

So, you’re asking, what does Belly’s alternative hit “Feed the Tree” have to do with all this? Nothing, except that it’s a great song and one we’re glad to have. Check out the new interview with frontwoman Tanya Donelly!