Rock Band 3 Senior Designer Sylvain Shares Details

Rock Band 3 Senior Designer chats with HMXPope about Rock Band 3 features in this week's Harmonix Podcast. He covers details about:

  • Legacy gameplay - improvements to the Rock Band and Rock Band 2 gameplay
  • Rock Band Pro - taking that next step to get more in touch with your music - Pro Guitar, Pro Bass, Pro Keys, and Pro Drums
  • New hardware - two-octave keyboard, Fender Mustang guitar with 17 frets of buttons and real, strummable strings, Fender Squier Stratocaster six-string real guitar playable in game and through an amp, new cymbals from Mad Catz
  • How regular Keys Mode and Pro Keys Mode work
  • How Pro Drums Mode works
  • and more!

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