The Harmonix Community Pulse - Tea Time and Mafia Ice Cream

Designing multi-award winning video games requires a lot of trial and error. Fortunately for us, we have an amazing Playtest Coordinator in the form of Jyllian T. She plays a critical role at Harmonix, a gateway between development and experience. Here we see her hard at work pulling together playtest data to send back to the design teams about what is going right, and wrong, with the games we’re working on.

The weather was pretty awesome here last Monday, so the Community Team trekked down the street to the infamous Toscanini’s Ice Cream. I got strawberry milk chocolate chip with hot fudge. I ordered two scoops and ended up with way more than I was expecting. Whatevs! It was awesome. You can find more pics from this outing over in the Flickr pool. Good times!

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