Ten Packs of DLC on Sale in January!

Originally posted on January 5th.

To celebrate the New Year and give those of you on school vacation something to do, we give you a two-week DLC sale! The discount ranges from 43%-50% off, so you are definitely getting a fantastic deal. Check out the details below, warm up those limbs and rock out extra hard this month!

Xbox 360 DLC sale runs from now through January 11th.
PlayStation 3 DLC sale runs from January 11th through January 25th.

Packs on sale are:

  • Oasis Pack 01 - $2.99 (was $5.49)
  • The Police Pack 01 - $2.99 (was $5.49)
  • The Offspring Pack 01 - $2.99 (was $5.49)
  • Nine Inch Nails Pack 01 - $2.99 (was $5.49)
  • Jimmy Buffett Pack 01 - $2.99 (was $5.49)
  • All That Remains Pack 01 - $2.99 (was $5.49)
  • Evanescence Pack 01 - $2.99 (was $5.49)
  • Rush Moving Pictures (album) - $5.49 (was $10.99)
  • The Cars (album) - $8.49 (was $14.99)
  • Weezer Pack 02 - $2.99 (was $5.49)


Jeez Harmonix what do I have to do to get a response?? No reply via email or on this forum so far... a quick reply back saying “Hey sorry about this, we’re currently trying to fix the price issue for Australian RockBand3 owners!”... that would be good.

Well if they are on sale I can't see it here in Australia on my PS3, except for "All That Remains Pack 01". I've checked the prices over the last 3 days and they havn't changed!

To people who have posted in the last few days since the 11th; 1)The sale on Xbox finished on the 11th, now its on PS3 2)I'm in europe and they were discounted fine on the xbox for me Thank you for your time :)

WHOA A SALE! Oh wait... no... no I'm not eligible. It must be because I live with the larger portion of RockBand3 owners... outside the USA!

Anthony... that'd be Nintendo's fault not Harmonix you idiot.

have all these pack's anyway lol..

why is searching for people so hard?


It would make more sense if Harmonix didn't re-release the songs as RB3 versions. Instead, they can do what they're currently doing with the Pro Guitar and Pro Bass, in that you can download an upgrade that includes Keys, Pro Mode and Vocal Harmonies. That way, they can release more DLC while at the same time, work on upgrading existing DLC to include the new RB3 features. It makes more sense to me, anyway...


Oh thats great... and let me guess, its US only as usual?

there is something wrong. Here in Europe we got Linkin Park now but no Discounts. PLZ FIX THAT !!!

Although it's advertised as Xbox x-1/11 and PS3 1/11-1/25, I wonder if they really meant PS3 1/12-1/25, since then there would be no overlap. At any rate, if Harmonix intended for PS3 items to go on sale on 1/11, it couldn't be any more 1/11 than it is at present. Flip the switch, please. Discounted "YYZ" Pro-Drums await!!

Why is the PS3 DLC not on sale yet???

80 points is a dollar so just use that as a catalyst

Why not tell prices in real currency? Since it says its also for PS3, and we only get to know X0 prices? Pfft.

I know we all wish the upgrades could be free if you bought the song before, but that probably isn't possible in most cases. Would it be possible if you bought older version for a song if an upgraded version comes out for rb3 maybe some sort of discount could be worked out for owning a prior version of the song.

I do agree on the points about European players wondering if they would be able to get these. I would also love to see at least some info on the future upgrades, even if they are not set in stone it would be awesome to know which songs will only get better with time. And, you know, Muse...?

Like a guy before said: I would really like a list of "This are gonna be upgraded and These are not going to be upgraded at all" That should be useful, until that list comes I'm not buying a single non RB3 song.

I love how Wii owners feel screwed i get it songs dont go on sale it blows try not being able to get a key board for your system yours is the only one i can get instores. try paying extra if you actually find one cause you have to buy the game and the keyboard seprately. i am a rockband lover i cant stand GH but i think saddly fans have gotten way to screwed dam this stupid partnered companies that have screwed Harmonix

hey harmonix, not everyone owns an xbox or a playstation3, and i'm really tired of not getting half the stuff you release. seriously, why can't you release stuff on all of the systems???

why dont you have a sale on something the diehards dont have yet? too bad for me

Hi non-Xbox whiners, PS3 gets the sale starting Jan. 11 Wii does not have sales, because that is how Nintendo is.

Why not in wii? Why not explanation of why not in wii?

What about EUROPEAN players ? Do we get the discounts aswell or are we accused of being born in the wrong country again ?

Are these DLC avalaible for Spain? I don't think so. thanks,

Hmmm, I noticed these discounts and purchased a few packs before this official announcement. I'm now starting to have reservations that at least some of these songs might get RB3 updates for Keys and Harmonies. I really hope that doesn't end up being the case! :S

Thanks hmx! Already picked the weezer pack before this announcement, thanks to the nice people on the forums noticing this discount. Probably also picking up the cars - album, as I already have all the other interesting ones.

SCOTTYEVIL is so right all the things go for the other platforms that's ain't fair

Oh joy! Paying for new DLC that I already have. I don't think so.

Real money prices coming soon, I promise. We would love to offer a sale on the Wii as well and we continue to work with Nintendo to bring offers to Wii Rock Band players.

****! I just bought This calling and Two Weeks from that All That Remains pack.

Can we get real money prices for us PS3 folk who dont understand the xbox conversion factors please?

Oh, hell yeah :D Been wanting to get Cars and Rush foreva. Guess L:RB will have to wait until next time.

Us Wii players are getting mighty tired of getting the shaft where the game, peripherals and DLC are concerned...

offspring is not discounted... thats the only pack i want

Definitely not buying any older DLC unless I know it's not going to be updated. It's not a money issue, more of a hard drive space issue, especially when you don't upgrade all the songs in a pack like the Queen one.

I'm very gun shy to buy older DLC because of the potential need to re-buy them when the RB3 versions come out. I wish you could create a list or something that would definitively say "these songs will be upgraded/not upgraded." I love HMX and I understand the licensing issues, etc., but I think this could have been handled better. I don't want to buy something older only to have it offered again, at the same price point, in the future.

No more DLC for me, thanks... I don't want to fall for it again and re-buy tracks when you decide to do a "RockBand 3 Version" with harmony/key support.

And, just like with the previous sale, the discounts are not available in EU on PS3's, am I right?

Offspring isn't discounted...

Awesome! picking up the cars album i think because that's the only pack i need (way too much dlc). hopefully we get more sales more often too!