The Beatles: Rock Band In Stores Now!

Have you got it yet?  After a full year of rumor, speculation, innuendo and plenty of sleepless nights on our part, The Beatles: Rock Band is finally in the stores! And now we can finally divulge the information we’ve kept under wraps all this time.

For starters, it’s The Beatles and it’s Rock Band - Same gameplay you’ve come to know and (we hope) love. But now you can play on lovingly crafted replicas of the same instruments that The Beatles played. (Paul’s Höfner bass and Ringo’s Ludwig-branded drums are included with the Limited Edition Premium Bundle; John and George’s respective Rickenbacker and Gretsch guitars are available separately). The setlist has 45 freshly remastered Beatles classics, from the very beginning to “The End.” Every studio album and many classic singles are represented, and if your favorite song isn’t there, fear not: Much more Beatles DLC will be available in months to come.

“Can’t Buy Me Love” in The Beatles: Rock Band

Still, we tried to make this something more special than just Rock Band with a Beatles soundtrack. The graphics and scenarios are all true to the history and the spirit of the band. On the early tracks, you’ll be right in the middle of the legendary Beatles shows, from the sweaty walls of the Cavern to the full-blown Beatlemania at Shea Stadium. Screaming fans at Ed Sullivan, and the fabled studio at Abbey Road? Check. More of the fun begins when you get into the psychedelic era, and the songs take you into dreamscapes full of Beatlesque magic.

“Here Comes The Sun” Dreamscape

The Beatles themselves have been involved since the get-go, and they’ve given us access to the little surprises that are scattered throughout the game - like unheard studio chatter, never-before-seen photos, background stories about each song, and a few things you’ll find out about once you master the songs. Step right this way!