The Harmonix Community Pulse - Hometown Throwdown!

Someone call an ambulance, Mr. Pope is cut! This is a part of PAX that not a lot of people get to see, the show before the show. There is ton of grueling work that goes into building the show floor. Everything that is shown during PAX had to be shipped or carried in, assembled, built, plugged in, turned on, tested, fixed, etc. There are a lot of logistics around an event of this size and it’s the hard work of everyone involved that really gets the show up and running. Don’t forget the folks who work behind the scenes to make PAX as awesome as it is!

There are fans, and then there are serious super-fans. PAX is always where we get to connect with the most hardcore of the hardcore, and they’re awesome. It takes a lot of love to drop ink like this. You guys constantly surprise us with your passion and devotion to Harmonix and our games. Rock Band fans, in particular, are a breed apart, and you’re all awesome.

About These Shots

Last week’s Pulse was on hiatus due to… you guessed it, PAX East 2011! There are a ton of photos currently up in the PAX East 2011 Set on Flickr with more on the way. If you were there and took your own pics, we’d love to see them. The Rock Band Flickr Group is open for submissions. Share away!

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