The Pauses' "Go North" Unboxing Video

I got to meet some of the fine folks in The Pauses at PAX East and they were very polite, but they are so much more than that. Continuing conversation with them in the months following, I checked out some of their ridiculously poppy songs, but they are so much more than that too. Their bio on their site describes their sound as “a balancing act between rock and electronics, airiness and heft, suppleness and angularity” and “a world where guitars are BFFs with synthesizers, horns, bells, and ukuleles” but they’re so much more than THAT even! The “so much more” that totally knocked my socks off was the band’s willingness to do fun, exciting and creative things to engage and motivate their fans. They put together a brilliant DIY Kickstarter video to drum up much needed funds to record their debut album A Cautionary Tale, and they’ve totally outdone themselves with this unboxing video of their track "Go North" which hits Rock Band via RBN today. It’s one of the cleverest bits of promotion I’ve seen from RBN, so do your eyeballs, earholes, smile makers, and instrument playing parts a favor and watch the video and download the heck out of this song as soon as humanly possible.

For more information on The Pauses, check out their website at". You can also check out RockBandAide's interview with The Pauses.



I wasn't going to buy this song. Now I just might have to.