The Rock Band Community Supports Extra Life

A number of our more amazing community members have made us aware of their plans to use Rock Band as part of their Extra Life fundraisers this Saturday. October 20th. If you’re not aware, Extra Life is the biggest gaming charity event of the year, involving thousands of people around the world in marathon gaming sessions in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Thanks to these iron men and women of gaming and the generous folks that donate to them, the Extra Life team is able to raise much needed funds to help save and improve the lives of kids at the CMN Hospital and their community.

We’re flattered that so many participants have used Rock Band games in their marathon sessions over the years, and this year is no exception. The following members of the RB community will be rocking their asses off this Saturday, so we wanted to flag them to your attention to help drive donations.

We hope you check out their pages, watch their livestreams, and donate whatever you can. It means a lot to see so many gamers involved in such an amazing program and we hope that you are able to support them.

For more information on Extra Life, visit their official site or follow them on Twitter.