The Rock Band Network Yearbook Awards

It's been a long, crazy, wonderful year with the Rock Band Network. I'm amazed by everything that the Rock Band Network community has accomplished, and as the RBN moves into the Rock Band 3 era with RBN 2.0, I'd like to take a look back and present awards to some familiar names.

Most Popular - Drowning Pool
More people played "Bodies" than any other Rock Band Network song released in the first year.

Most School Spirit - The Main Drag
With 17 songs released, The Main Drag has more songs on the Rock Band Network right now than any other artist.

Most Likely to Succeed - Amberian Dawn
As Amberian Dawn's RBN popularity skyrocketed, the band announced that they would release their entire catalogue into the RBN to satisfy their excited fans.

Class Clown - Jonathan Coulton
"Rock monkey like HOPOs; rock monkey like tabs and Mountain Dew. Rock monkey very simple gamer with big warm fuzzy secret heart - rock monkey like you!"

Most Athletic - Bang Camaro
The band has eight to twelve vocalists at any given time, so when they're playing in concert, it looks like a portion of the jumping, singing, screaming audience has overflowed onto the stage.

Most Romantic - We the Kings
After making their Rock Band debut with LEGO Rock Band's "Check Yes Juliet", We the Kings returned in Rock Band Network with unapologetically dreamy powerpop like "Summer Love" and "What You Do To Me".

Most Outgoing - Midnight Riders
Ox, Smitty, Dusty, & Jake, with their infamous criminal record and their impressive awards for "Most Pyrotechnics in a Single Concert," drew a truly startling number of fans to their song & artist pages.

Most Likely to Repeat A Grade - Third Eye Blind
When the masters turned out to be unavailable, Third Eye Blind rerecorded three of their hit singles so that they could be part of the Rock Band Network.

Nontraditional Student Award - Paul Henry Smith & The Fauxharmonic Orchestra
Whoever expected classical music to work so well on Rock Band?

Best Eyes - Rose of Jericho
Yes, that's their vocalist, Andrea Russie.

Most Likely to Name Drop - Lemon Demon
"The Ultimate Showdown (RBN Mix)" contains 31 different pop culture icons by name, plus "every single Power Ranger."

Most Likely to Schmooze - No Crossing
"Midnight Daydreams" was the first Rock Band Network song to contain a lyrical reference to playing Rock Band.

Most Likely to Visit the Principal's Office - Drive-By Truckers
Their only song released so far on the Rock Band Network: "This F***ing Job."

Most Likely to Keep a Secret - Van Friscia
Despite releasing two movements of a 3-piece prog rock symphony on the RBN, Van Friscia hasn't even set up a MySpace page. We're calling you out - we need to know where to buy the album!

With over 1,000 songs released in Rock Band, there's no way that I can cover all the bands and songs that deserve recognition here. And - wait, yearbook awards are supposed to be voted in, aren't they? I'm doing this all wrong!

Everybody to the forums! I've opened up a response thread at the Rock Band Forums where you can tell me what I got right, what I got wrong, and what other awards I should have given out. See you there!

Carolyn VanEseltine (HMXLachesis) is a web QA tester at Harmonix. When not searching for ways to break the website, she often plays songs from the Rock Band Network and has accumulated a rather impressive personal collection. She gets a wicked thrill out of beating RBN artists at their own songs, but she can only do it on vocals.


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