The People’s Artist

A hallmark of Rock Band is the visual authenticity for users playing at home (you’re on your own for accurate rock n’ roll smells). A key element for creating all the spot-on performances and environments are the plethora of musicians who pitch in building the world. Many of the coders, composers, producers, artists, QA testers are in bands and they can be spotted carrying in their instruments to the office for practice after work. All over Harmonix you will encounter real and plastic instruments including full drum kits, giant amps, and the revered 3 foot gong.

Artist Eliot Min goes to great lengths for capturing musicians in their element. Sometimes he has to climb furniture for just the right angle, or venture across the studio riding a scooter to witness a guitarist tuning, or quietly observe a bassist scowling, or a swiftly sketch a strutting singer on his way to a meeting. Eliot is The People’s Artist when it comes to creating PR art for Rock Band.


For this shot of his desk neighbor, Eliot scaled great heights to get the angle just right on her guitar playing, “I didn't realize her being tall was going to be a problem before I tried to take the (reference) photo, because I had to climb on top of a table, and I think I actually needed a chair on top of the table to get the right angle”.


If you look closely at this drum kit you will see a series of familiar colors on the snare, bass & toms.


The proper finger plucking pose is easy to encounter at HMX, so are cutoff shorts in the warmer months.


Nobody gets to see the back of the drum kit at a rock show (unless it is a Mötley Crüe show in the late ‘80s); Eliot gives us a casual bird’s eye view of a Harmonix artist getting comfortable on her throne.


It is unknown just how Eliot achieved this angle using a certain lead singer from Abnormality.