That Straight-Ahead DLC: Homme, Grohl, & Jones Band Makes Rock Band Debut!

We’ll assume you’ve been hearing for months about a band called Them Crooked Vultures…but unless you had enough connections to get into their recent small-club tour, you haven’t yet heard the band.

For those who dwell under rocks, Them Crooked Vultures is a band that was hatched last January when Dave Grohl - that ubiquitous Rock Band figure and all around good guy - celebrated his 40th birthday. Two of the party guests were Queens of the Stone Age leader Joshua Homme and former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones; and at one point Grohl sat both of them next to each other and pitched the idea of forming a band together - never mind that Homme and Jones had never met before. Not only did they agree to be in the band, but Grohl got knighted afterwards - the party, you see, was at a Medieval Times restaurant

What’s it sound like? Exactly what you’d hope. Our exclusive track, “New Fang” had a definite QOTSA flavor thanks to Homme’s vocal - but note that Eastern-style guitar line straight from the Zep bag of tricks, and the mighty power of Grohl’s drums (and don’t forget that Grohl was the rumored drummer on that Led Zeppelin reunion tour that never happened). “New Fang” was the second song that Them Crooked Vultures ever played live (at their world debut in Chicago last August), and it’s one of twelve tracks on the band’s debut CD, hitting stores as we speak.

The track will be available on Xbox 360 on November 17th for $1.99, on Wii on November 24th for $2.00, and on Playstation 3 on December 3rd for $1.99.