Thin Lizzy Three-Pack and More


You might say that the theme for this week’s DLC is “I can’t believe you didn’t already have that!” Here’s where we fill a few gaping holes in our catalogue. For instance, we can’t count the times someone’s told us, “You’ve got all this classic rock, but where the #*&% is Pat Benatar?” Right you are. So far we’ve only got one Benatar song, but it’s the one we’re sure you want the most: “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” You don’t have to be wearing Spandex to do this one with exactly the right “on the prowl” attitude, but our colleagues assure us that it helps.

Speaking of great female rockers, we’ve already had some Pretenders tracks, but not “the” Pretenders track. That would be “Precious,” one of the toughest rockers they ever cut and the song that defined Chrissie Hynde’s personality once and for all. The most famous line from this song doesn’t appear in our teen-friendly version, but we promise not to tell your parents if you sing it anyway. 

On to a great classic-rock band that fell through the cracks: Thin Lizzy. Plenty of folks in the UK will tell you that leader Phil Lynott was one of the greats—a streetwise, black Irishman with charisma to spare and a wild outlaw streak. We’re sure you’ve heard “The Boys Are Back in Town,” but the three-chord pounder “Jailbreak” and the epic “Cowboy Song” are equally classic—and since Lynott was a bass player, you won’t need to avoid getting your band’s bass slot. These three tracks are a Rock Band exclusive: The first release from Still Dangerous, a vintage Lizzy concert (from Philadelphia in 1977) that will be out on CD later this year. 

Wrapping up our package is classic rock of a different sort: “Break My Heart” and “Don’t Tell Me” were both sung by fictional rocker Nikko in the recent Nickelodeon movie Spectacular!  Both songs have a nifty '70s glam feel with lots of pounding drums and high-vocal jumps. Pure fun, and we’ve always believed you can’t have too much of that.