A Title is Required

I finished them after emptying out and cleaning a friend's old apartment. I didn't intend to come back to work on Friday after I left, around 6. Instead I planned on coming in early on Saturday before it was time to move her stuff into her new place.* The problem was I couldn't focus on anything but that last section of descriptions I needed to write so I had to go back to work.

I totally forgot that I had promised some other friends the use of my car for some of their moving needs. So after finishing the descriptions I left work again, this time at 11 and went to help them.

The next day I helped the first friend move into her place and then helped her roommate move in as well. The best part of this was the required trip to Target where I purchased some Moon Sand for my desk at work. Moon Sand is neither from the moon, nor actually sand. Sean took some and mixed it with soap (despite the instructions telling him not to!), which made some odd paste. Then he added water which completely washed the sand away. Leading us to believe that Moon Sand is likely formed of some sort of odd chemicals that we shouldn't put in our mouths.

Today I am the only person in my general vicinity at work. It's pretty quiet. Also my camera battery is dead and I'm not sure where my charger is, which explains the lack of picture this week (last week I was alternately too lazy and too busy to post one). Also I am cold. And hungry... Ok not really but I was on a roll with the complaints. :D Have a good week people!

*In Boston Labor Day weekend is like National Moving Weekend. Everyone is coming back to school or changing apartments. I think half of Harmonix moved this weekend. In any case a lot of times you have to be out on the 31st and can't get in until the first. Luckily she didn't have a lot of stuff so we loaded up another friend's van and left it over night.