Travel? Travel.

It's already been a pretty long week. My computer completely crapped the bed so I had to go get a new laptop. I spent almost all of yesterday with the band Crooked X (more on this at a later date). I spent today navigating a particularly obtuse travel booking system that we have to use so I can go to New York on Wednesday and to LA for the MTV Movie Awards next weekend (I got my red carpet credentials today... seriously... how irresponsible is that?). Peppered in there is a series of daily conversations with Johnlok and HMXHenry about the weekly newsletter we are prepping, getting ready for our new community intern (Max) on Tuesday, Alex Navarro joins the team a week later, an in-depth discussion about the relative merits of chocolate and vanilla pudding cups (turns out no one likes the butterscotch/caramel ones), all the while I am trying to learn the song that my real band practices on Saturday (WOOOO REAL BAND!)

Today, to celebrate the big launch of Rock Band in Europe, we got a cool surprise. Around 3pm we get a message over the intercom to come to the Freq Pit (our big, communal eating area). We all go up there and what is waiting for us? A bunch of bottles of champagne, finger sandwiches, and scones. A few of our European-derived employees got up and made a toast and then we got a chance to watch the awesome Euro Rock Band commercial. Pretty rad. I know there has been a lot of discussion about the European release but a lot of hard work and preparation went into the launch and it felt awesome to celebrate it however briefly. I look forward to playing with some of you overseas. Dibs on vocals for "Beetlebum."

Also this week our good friends over at Penny Arcade and our other good friends at Hothead Games released their first-ever game- Penny Arcade: The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode 1, a title as long as it is awesome. We're stoked for them getting their first game out and we can't wait to see more. I know how hard they've been working.

This missive's  BATTLE HAT!!!? Henry VIII vs Santa of Claus

There is literally no way Santa can win this one. He may be able to pull a machine gun out of his magic bag, and fire off his flying reindeer suplex, but Henry the VIII is at the top of the naughty list. First he would marry Santa via his amazing Royal Edict punch. Then when Sanata wouldn't bear him a male child he would divorce Santa and probably put him to death. Santa can't fight that sort of betrayal of the heart, he's part pixie or something.