Our Pink Lips Are Independently Sealed! A Trio of Female Pop Triumphs


Macho types and death metal fans, take cover: our singles this week not only celebrate womens’ voices, but extols the joy of pure, unadulterated pop. All three are fun for kids and rated "Family Friendly," playable both in LEGO Rock Band and Rock Band at large. If we catch you playing any of these songs between Mastodon and Cannibal Corpse, we promise not to tell.

It’s back to the roots first with the Go-Go’s: “Our Lips Are Sealed” wasn’t quite their first single (the original import of “We Got the Beat” came first), but was the song that first got them on US charts in 1980. And a lovely tune it was, with a bittersweet undertone: guitarist/singer Jane Wiedlin has since revealed that she wrote it about her failed romance with the Specials’ singer Terry Hall, using lyrics that Hall sent to her in a kiss-off letter.   

Of course, we couldn’t really get this party started without P!nk. Among the most rocking of her many hits, “Who Knew” came out in 2006, when she was busy taking the world by storm. Her career was hitting the stratosphere, her songs were getting more outspoken (she bashed a certain President on the same album), her image was getting wilder, and she’d lately married motocross star Carey Hart. The world surely breathed a sigh of relief when she and Hart reconciled last summer, though she did get some good songs out of their divorce. 

Kelly Clarkson is, wait for it, the first "American Idol" winner ever to hit Rock Band. As you enthusiasts know, she was also the first winner in the show’s history. From 2001, “Miss Independent” was one of the first hit songs to be spun off from the show, part of her all-star debut album (As her own website puts it, “There was no way that a television discovery from the wondrously popular American Idol was going to be left in the hands of second-rate hacks”!). In any case, the song has a heavy dance groove that makes it Rock Band-friendly. And it gives you two divas for the price of one, since the co-writer of “Miss Independent” was none other than Christina Aguilera.

Available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii on November 24th. Tracks are $1.99 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and $2.00 on the Wii.