Valentine’s Day Live Stream

At 5:30pm EST today, Harmonix will be hosting a Valentine's Day Live Stream featuring amorous advice from the Harmonix Love Gurus, a lively discussion about the most requested DLC for Rock Band, and an exclusive preview of tomorrow's Gold Star My Heart Pack.

The stream below will be live at 5:30pm EST and the livestream will run until 6:30:pm EST.


Wow, it's only 7:16 and you guys didn't wait on me. That's a bummer man.

Hey, I'm new to these livestreams, and I don't recognize these folks by their faces. Who's who here?


I just got rick rolled!

I believe in you HMX, I know you can do this

I see a black screen. I'm scared!

(Waits patiently)

I'm skipping dinner to see this!

Looking forward to this all day!

Come on guys! Me and jibs are waiting for our questions lol!

start it early!!!!