Second Vans Warped Tour Pack Available for DLC

More core, more punk, more fun: This week’s DLC adds another scoop to last week’s Vans Warped Tour pack, with the bonus of a single by a band we’re sure is also loved by Warped fans.

The latter is the Los Angeles-based Black Rebel Motorcycle Club — a band that’s not touring this summer, but working on its next album instead. Known at times for its heady psychedelic jams, BRMC got pure and straightforward on the three-minute slice of adrenaline that is “Weapon of Choice.” If you could play Rock Band while driving a fast car with the top down — something that we absolutely don’t recommend doing—this would likely be a track that you’d pick.

Next, three more bands to add to last week’s Warped Tour pack. Orange County quartet Thrice is known as much for its social conscience as its furious sound; the band has been donating parts of its record and concert proceeds to charity over the ten years it’s been active. Most recently they’ve been funding educational programs for underprivileged children. But their good hearts don’t take away from the energy heard on “Image of the Invisible.” By the way, the Morse code message at the start of the song is the album’s title, Vheissu, derived from a Thomas Pyncheon novel.

Also being good citizens are Dear & the Headlights, who took place in a charity bowling tournament over the past week. The Phoenix, AZ band has been on the road with a couple of Rock Band favorites, Paramore and Jimmy Eat World, and if you love rousing music with emotive vocals, “Sweet Talk” will satisfy the craving. Check the chorus — never before has the word “boyfriend” been sung with such a heavy heart.

Don’t mind if their name gives you unpleasant images of Meryl Streep: The Devil Wears Prada are a Dayton, Ohio metalcore band who’ve gone the online route to whip up an impressive underground following. One poster on their site has noted that the band “makes him excited (we need to paraphrase here) but in a totally platonic way,” so you can’t ask for better praise than that. Their track "Hey John, What's Your Name Again?" rounds out the pack.