(If You’re Wondering If We Like Weezer) We Like Weezer

So far, we’ve brought you nine songs by Weezer. This November, Weezer came out with album number seven, Raditude, which mixes contemplative glances at youth, decisions, love, and mistakes with boisterous pop-rock. We took a listen and we love it, so we brought you two songs right away!

The first new Weezer song is the opening track “(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To”. Weezer’s singles are routinely framed with endearing videos, and this hit is no exception, so feel free to picture yourself singing to a gang of little Weezers in the town of Weezerville (population Weezer) as you play this lively, light song. We warn you it might take a while to get the chorus out of your head afterward.

From there, try Weezer’s “Let It All Hang Out”. It opens with a scream of guitar that might sound more like 1996’s Pinkerton, but from there, this paean to the joys of destressing moves into a rocking beat that is pure Weezer. If you’re taking some time to shed your own stress, this is a great one to pick in the catalogue.

Now we’ve got a great bracket going on – four previously-released songs from Weezer’s first album (one of the three self-titled Weezer albums – you can distinguish it from the others because it’s blue), and three from Raditude. How about the middle, though?  To round out this week’s Weezer three-pack, we present “Beverly Hills”, a Grammy-nominated hit from the 2005 album Make Believe. If you can’t be in Beverly Hills (and face it, the place is only 5.7 square miles large, so most people can’t!) then Rivers Cuomo’s ready to sympathize with you in this endearing complaint against the cult of celebrity.

These tracks will come to DLC on December 22, available either individually or as a three-pack.  The cost is $1.99 per track (160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) or $5.49 for the three-pack on Xbox 360 and PS3 (440 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360), or $2.00 per track on Wii.  Enjoy!