Second Weezer Three-Pack Comes to Rock Band

Weezer and Rock Band are old friends by now: Weezer’s hit “Buddy Holly” was one of the first songs we ever rolled out as DLC - We released it in February '08 and fans of smart and witty pop immediately rejoiced. They rejoiced some more when we did a three-pack of tunes from the band’s then-new Red Album last summer.

That still leaves a batch of essential Weezer tracks that we hadn’t gotten to yet, and we’re glad to be plugging three of those holes this week. Leading the pack is “Undone - The Sweater Song,” likely the first Weezer song you ever heard - at least it was the first hit single from the band’s first album, which was produced by Cars mastermind Ric Ocasek. One landmark moment in the Weezer‘s career happened when they performed this song on the Conan O’Brien show in late ’94: While they were playing one of Conan’s other guests, Adam West - better known as Batman in the '60s TV series - grinned and waved at the band. “That was so surreal,” frontman Rivers Cuomo remarked later. “I mean, Batman gave us the thumbs-up! I guess that there aren’t many mysteries left now.”  

The same album’s opening track, “My Name is Jonas,” brings out Weezer’s sometimes-overlooked heavy rock side. After all, they were known to cover Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” at some of their early shows.

Flashing ahead to last year, “Pork & Beans” was the first single from Weezer’s Red Album and became an overnight sensation, thanks partly to a brilliant video that was circulated all over those wacky internets. The theme of the song - about being yourself and being happy with who you are - was well suited to such a vid. Loud and hyper-catchy in the best Weezer tradition, it makes a killer Rock Band track on its own.