What You Want: More Evanescence

The Grammy-Award Winning Evanescence was exactly what I was looking for as a teenager when their debut single “Bring Me To Life” hit the local radio stations. I described them to my friends as “Linkin Park with a chick singer” and it was the most exciting thing I’d heard on the radio in a while. I was super excited to hear a female lead singer in a rock band, and one with such an incredible voice! I bought the CD and listened to it over and over again. “Going Under,” “Bring Me to Life,” “My Immortal,” “Everybody’s Fool” – this album had a ton of hits and was one of those that lived in my CD player for months. “Everybody’s Fool” is out in today’s pack – with a killer guitar riff and Amy Lee’s incredible vocals, this song will definitely be awesome for a Rock Band night.

I caught the band live on Leap Day in 2004. Singer Amy Lee came out on stage in a pink prom dress because she lost a bet, and I developed possibly the biggest girl-crush ever. A few songs in, Amy Lee shed the prom dress to reveal simple black pants and black shirt with combat boots. I was so inspired by a female-fronted hard rock band where said female was comfortable being girly and silly twirling around the stage in a prom dress, but also confident enough to dress simply and let the music and vocals stand for themselves instead of putting on an elaborate stage show. Despite not having any singing talent whatsoever (despite what my Rock Band scores may say…), I felt that the spirit of that was good for girls, especially in my transitional phase as a college student.

Speaking of college…I once used an Evanescence song on a college class project. We were tasked with combining still images and audio to create…something. My partner and I created a melancholy view of New York City using pictures we took using – get this – a disposable Kodak camera. We set it to Evanescence’s “Hello” and turned it in to our teacher on the format of choice – VHS!

The band was fantastic live, and captured that on a live DVD Anywhere But Home (for those of you that have read my articles before and know my love of Breaking Benjamin, you’ll note that Breaking Benjamin singer Ben Burnley appears in a behind-the-scenes clip on this DVD where he hilariously does karaoke to “Bring Me To Life”). I highly recommend this CD/DVD set if you’re a fan of the band. Live tracks are always more compelling than the recorded versions.

The band went on to release The Open Door, featuring “Call Me When You’re Sober” and “Weight of the World,” which are already in Rock Band, plus “Lithium,” released today. “Lithium” is a track sure to please vocalists and keyboardists alike – quiet and reserved, but with soaring points to show off your skills. In 2011, the band released their self-titled album, featuring “What You Want,” released in our pack today. “What You Want” is a bit more upbeat than the other two tracks in the pack. Drummers should have a fun time, and folks playing harmonies have a lot to play with.

Check out Evanescence Pack 02, available today!