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Lately I've noticed a lot of articles springing up all over the internet on the subject of writing for video games so I thought I'd tell you about what our writing team does. Especially since Harmonix is known for rhythm games, not exactly the most text rich genre. The Rock Band Writing Team is comprised of Helen, Maria, Jon Carter, DanT, and me. Helen works with DanT on overall game text, menus and the like. All of that stuff falls under the umbrella of design so when the game tells you that you are 'awesome', that's Dan. Helen edits everything we do and as she puts it "removes the word "rock" from our game whenever it isn't absolutely necessary". She also writes tips, and names and describes all the instruments you'll be able to choose from. Maria is our main tip writer. She knows crazy facts about all the bands in game and can use her mad writing skills to make them palatable to the ESRB. Jon also writes tips and knows an unbelievable amount of rock trivia off the top of his head without referencing books or the internet. They are working their butts off making sure the loading tips are entertaining, accurate, and numerous. I name and write descriptions for all the clothing, hair, and accessories that you'll find in the Rock Shop. I basically spend my days pretending that I work for the coolest, most underground rock catalog ever. For example as an aspiring rock god you might want to purchase a pair of "Dungarees and Dragons" from the Rock Shop. "You'll be casting lightning bolt spells at all your fans in these wizard-worthy pants."