Yeah Yeah Yeahs, FOB, Angels & Airwaves DLC

Fall Out Boy — “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s An Arms Race”

Fallout BoyShock horror! We let one of the world’s biggest alternative pop bands into Rock Band, with a song you all know and some of you definitely love. Our forums have been buzzing with extreme pros and cons ever since. We’ll remind you, however, that we love a good pop song. Just like we love thrash metal and punk — and you can’t deny that “Arms Race” is a damn good pop song, else you wouldn’t have heard it so many times.

We’ll also remind you that Fall Out Boy has impeccable do-it-yourself credentials, starting out on the underground label Fueled by Ramen before breaking big. You still hate pop music, no sweat—but if you don’t, go ahead and admit you love this song. We’ll make sure your trendy friends will not find out you downloaded it.

Angels & Airwaves — “It Hurts”

Angels And AirwavesYou’re Tom DeLonge, and you’ve just exited blink-182 after ten years. People expect you to write catchy punk-pop songs and to crack dirty jokes, but now you want to get serious. Really serious. So you write a song about breaking up with your girlfriend, but instead of getting snotty about it, you insist that it hurts, and it hurts, and it hurts…And this is one of the more upbeat songs on the album, most of which has an antiwar theme. Practice your best angst-ridden stance and get ready for some soft-to-loud shifts. And we’ll dedicate this DLC to everyone on the message boards who was arguing whether blink-182 or the Beatles were a better band.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs — “Date With the Night”

Yeah Yeah YeahsThe New York band’s semi-ballad hit “Maps” is already a popular Rock Band track, but here’s where the band shows its true, quirkier colors. At 2:36 it may be the shortest non-Ramones track in the whole game, but it’s a mighty frantic 2:36 with a fractured funk bassline, all-over-the-place drum part, and plenty of shouts, gurgles and non-sequitor lyrics for you to shout in your sexiest Karen O voice…especially if you’re a guy.

“I Want My, I Want My DLC!”


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