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The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 87 – Harmbox Goofware Systems

This week on the show, we have an extra special guest: Gearbox Chief Creative Champion Mikey Neumann! Mikey’s a good friend of ours and is a modern renaissance man, writing books, comics, creating games, and dunking every basketball he comes in contact with. Listen up as we chat with Mikey about Borderlands, his books The Returners and The Ending, and his love of Cheez Ums.

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Music Credits

  • Intro: August Burns Red - Marianas Trench
  • Intermission: Vargas - Hoy
  • Outro: Bayside - Sick, Sick, Sick

Podcast Credits

  • Guest Roster: Mikey Neumann, Aaron Trites, Nick Chester
  • Host: Eric Pope
  • Audio Engineer: Joe Kelly
  • Album art: Fish McGill